Metz 54MZ-4

Metz 54MZ-4 is a fast recycling time flash in a compact, durable body. It features Angle of Coverage 84° to 23° (24-105mm lenses in 35mm format), 94° (20mm) with included wide angle diffuser; Auto f/Stops f/2.0, 4.0 & 8.0; TTL Dedication; Bounce Head; Swivel Head; Zoom Head 24-105mm (manual, or flash senses focal length & adjusts); Recycle Time 6 Seconds. The Metz 54MZ-4 measures 3.0 x 4.9 x 4.3″ (75 x 125 x 108mm) and weighs 1 lb (480 g).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Metz 54MZ-4 Expert Reviews

Mcphoto reviews the Metz 54MZ-4 and writes;
“Metz 54Mz with its excellent specification parameters (which actually represent the reality) and a wide range of supported cameras and additional accessories looks as a good flash for most needs including professional. For all these who want to have a single good flash to use on their DSLR/s and fixed lens all around camera (for ex. Sony R1 or 828) Metz looks like a good investment. “
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User Opinions

Metz 54MZ-4 User Reviews

Powerful and compatible flash
“I bought the Metz 54-MZ-4 to use on a Canon film SLR. The Metz dedication module makes the Metz flash work exactly like a Canon flash. I’m very happy with its compatibility with the E-TTL system in my camera. I tested it with a variety of shots and settings and found that it worked with multiple modes of the camera just as you would expect a Canon flash to. I feel that this is both a better flash and a better deal than Canon’s models.” – By Dave
Rating: ★★★★★

Fantastic powerful flash
“I use the flash on my Leica M8 and even though there is no TTL metering, the flash performs perfectly. I also am using it manually with my 4×5 with excellent results The light is clean and strong with a fairly fast recycling time. It is worth the money.” – By joe jack
Rating: ★★★★★

“I love this flash. Powerful simple elegant. Only two small switches and it does all that i ask of it. Lets be honest , all those exposure adjustments and ring dials on flash units were needed before the digital age, to prevent film wastage and lost photo opportunities. With the ability to simply look at your photo immediately and then quickly adjust aperture,shutter speed, iso there function is just not that important anymore.” – By FUZZY SKULL
Rating: ★★★★★


Metz 54MZ-4 User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Metz 54MZ-4 Features & Specifications

The new Metz 54MZ-4 is a special version of the company’s 54MZ-3 series flash.

And because the Metz 54MZ-4 is D-TTL compatible, it will provide functionality based on the specific type of Camera & lens used.

The 54MZ-4 has a built-in secondary flash that can be used as fill to produce wrap around lighting when the main flash, with its built-in tilt/swivel function,is bounced off a wall or ceiling. The main flash’s Auto Zoom feature works with lenses in the 24-105mm range, producing a Guide Number of 177 (feet) at ISO 100 at maximum zoom setting and a Guide Number of 131 (feet) at ISO 100 at 50mm.

This new flash unit retains the user-friendly operation control panel of the 54MZ-3 and offers nine different Automatic settings and well as a variable Manual mode, offering ratios down to 1/256th power.

The 54MZ-4 is user-friendly with only two buttons, and a single thumb wheel controls the logically arranged menu system. The illuminated LCD panel is large and easy-to-read and only displays the pertinent mode information.

Special features of the 54MZ-4 includes the display of focal length for the lens in use in the LCD screen. This display can be adjusted from feet to meters, or to various film/digital formats for standard 35mm, APS “digital”, 645, or 6×6. Other features are auto flash bracketing, auto shut-off, and lockable keypad eliminating accidental setting changes.

Designed with a Standard Non-Dedicated Shoe Automatic Power-off, Automatic Flash Mode, Automatic Flash Program AF Assist Beam Battery Tester Buzzer Correct Exposure Indication Extended Zoom Flash Bracketing Flash Ready Indicator Key Function LCD/LED Display Manual Zoom, Manual Flash Mode Modelling Light Partial Light Output Mode Rapid Function Rear Sync Remote Automatic or Remote TTL Secondary Reflector Stroboscope Mode SCA-300-Adapter-System, SCA-3002-Adapter-System Tilt and Swivel Reflector TTL mode, TTL Fill

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