Metz 54 MZ-4i

Metz 54 MZ-4i features Automatic zoom 24-105mm; Wide angle diffuser 20mm; Tilt and Swivel reflector -7° – +90° / 360°; A, M, TTL, Strobe, Nikon 3D, Canon E-TTL modes; Nikon D-TTL, i-TTL modes (54 MZ 4i N); Flash recovery time: 0.1 – 6 seconds. The Metz 54 MZ-4i measures 75 x 125 x 108mm and weighs 480g (without batteries).

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Features & Specifications

Metz 54 MZ-4i Features & Specifications

The flagship of the Metz compact flash series presents itself as simple to operate and loaded with special functions. Available with a standard foot, or as a set: including the SCA-3002 adapter for Canon, Minolta, Nikon SLR cameras. The 54 MZ-3 successfully integrates High Speed Synchronization into a flash unit with many other special functions. The 54 MZ-4 additionally provides the D-TTL mode as well as the 3D multi-sensor fill-in flash in D-TTL mode and TTL flash exposure correction (Nikon specific).

This powerful flash unit distinguishes itself additionally with its simple, elegant operating concept: just 2 function keys and 1 adjustment wheel provide for complete control A special feature of the 54 MZ-4 is that the displayed focal length of the lens being used can be adjusted to match the format (35 mm, APS, Medium Format). Thanks to the high speed synchronization “HSS” the flash can be used – where supported by the camera – with exposure times even shorter than the camera sync speed. This is useful, especially to fill in the shadows in portrait photography outdoors and to make the subject stand out from an out-of-focus background.

* GN 54 (m) / GN 177 (ft) with ISO 100/21°
* Guide No 40 with 35mm focal length
* Adapter system SCA 3002 and SCA 300
* Secondary reflector
* Automatic zoom 24-105mm
* Wide angle diffuser 20mm
* Tilt and Swivel reflector -7° – +90° / 360°
* LC-Display
* Cordless TTL and A remote system
* Modelling light
* 25 partiallighting levels
* Autofocus measuring beam
* A, M, TTL, Strobe, Nikon 3D, Canon E-TTL modes
* Nikon D-TTL, i-TTL modes (54 MZ 4i N)
* High speed synchronisation
* Flash ready & correct exposure indication
* Power sources: batteries , rechargeable batteries P40, P50, P76
* Flash recovery time: 0.1 – 6 seconds
* Minimum number of flashes: 180

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  1. divejoy says:

    I have a few 54mz 4 for my Hasseblad H1 works well also as a slave TTL with the correct sca. I have a 54mz-4i for my Nikon D700 withe sca 3402 M8. All these flashes are interchangale excepy my 4I operates in ittl bl mode with my nikon. It will accept my Hasselblad or TTL slave with the correct sca adapter. It is totally superior to ANY Nikon strobe ever made.

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