Metz 44MZ-2

Metz 44MZ-2 features a fast recycling time in a compact, durable body, with Angle of Coverage 84 to 23° (28-105mm in 35mm format, 20mm with integrated wide-angle reflector ); Auto Distance Range 2.3-13′ (0.7 to 4.0 m), 2.8-28′ (0.9 to 8.5 m); TTL Dedication; Bounce Head vertical (-7/+90°) tilt reflector; Zoom Head 28-105mm. The Metz 44MZ-2 measures 3.0 x 5.5 x 4.3″ (75 x 140 x 108mm) and weighs 0.95 lb (430 g).

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Features & Specifications

Metz 44MZ-2 Features & Specifications

The Metz mecablitz 44 MZ-2 is an SCA-capable Auto/Manual flash and features a powerfull auto-zoom flash head that tilts vertically from -7 to +90°. It is ideal for digital cameras, can be operated in TTL, automatic and manual flash mode and features numerous interesting special functions.

There are some logical changes from its predecessor, including the ability to display the working aperture upon the LCD screen and an ‘extended zoom’ mode which keeps the flash coverage a bit wider than the focal length for better peripheral illumination.

The Metz 44 MZ-2 comes with the removeable standard SCA 301 shoe, and accepts all of the SCA 300, SCA 3000 and SCA 3002 system TTL and non-TTL dedicated modules, including the intelligent SCA 3083 digital slave module.

It is a great all-purpose medium class flash for advanced amateurs, and is a real durable workhorse.

Effeciently Powerful
Great bang for your battery buck; with appropriate SCA adapter in TTL mode at common event photography ISOs and shooting apertures, it is common to get ~500 flashes with one set of NiMH batteries with 2-3 second recycling.
– 85 Full power flashes with 600 mAh NiCad batteries
– 205 Full power flashes with 1600 mAh NiMH batteries
– 240 Full power flashes with alkaline batteries
– 370 Full power flashes with lithium batteries

Works with Metz Remote System (Requires SCA 3083)
The 44 MZ-2 becomes a wireless TTL slave flash by attaching the SCA 3083 adapter and incorporating an additional Metz Remote System flash unit (54 MZ-*, 40 MZ-1*, 40 MZ-3*, 50 MZ*, 70 MZ* & 76 MZ*) with camera-specific SCA 300/3000/3002 system module as its master flash. The combo also works in non-TTL autoexposure mode for older or manual cameras. Together with the SCA 3083, the 44 MZ-2 becomes a general slave or a slave with digital preflash suppression.

• Illuminated LCD panel

• Autozooming head covers from 28 to 105mm, & 20mm with optional diffuser

• Power conservation mode

• Fill-in flash

• Rear-curtain sync (with optional TTL module, where supported by camera)

• -7° Downward tilt for macro illumination

• Built-in exposure safeguards such as distance failing to show when flash is pointed up

• Infrared AF assistance

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