Metz 28 CS 2 Digital

Metz 28 CS 2 Digital (guide number of 28 (m) / GN 92 (ft) with ISO 100/21°) features Easy slave mode (learning mode); SLave mode l/ll; Automatic cut off; Flash ready indication; Correct exposure indication; Wide-angle diffuser 24mm; Tele diffuser 85mm; Includes extendable bracket; Power sources: 2 AAA batteries; Flash recovery time: 0.3 – 6.0 seconds and has Number of full flashes: minimum 150 / Maximum 300. The Metz 28 CS 2 Digital measures 75.5 x 83 x 32.5 and weighs 10.4 ounces (without batteries).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

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Metz 28 CS 2 Digital Expert Reviews

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Metz 28 CS 2 Digital User Reviews

Must have accessory for point and shoot digital cameras
“If the photo is too dark or bright after the flash fired, just press the + or – key to immediately adjust and reshoot. It’s that simple! The flash head is probably at least 5x larger than the flash on my SD800IS so it does reach beyond 12ft. It comes with wide-angle and telephoto reflectors that are compact and easy to clip on. Flash is rated to 100 shots on 2 fresh batteries; so far I’ve taken 50 shots and no problems. Easy enough to carry around extra batteries if required….” – By K. Chung
Rating: ★★★★★

Metz 28 CS-2 Digital Flash
“This little flash is a great slave flash – it uses your camera’s flash as a trigger (I set my camera’s flash to 1/128th power, so its doesn’t light the subject, but still triggers the Metz flash). I like that you can set this little flash to the side of a subject for nice modeling light – and you can place your camera way away (I’ve tried 60feet or so), use a long lens and still get great exposures. I bought a second one – the two Metz C28’s work together beautifully and there is nothing to set up – they just work : ).” – By Paul Moody
Rating: ★★★★★

Powerful Flash
“After a few test shots I was very impressed with the output. I turned off the lights in a small room and used only the camera and Metz flash, with the Metz off to the side and bounced off the ceiling. The room was completely filled with light but there were no harsh shadows. For this flash newbie that is a huge improvement! The “Easy” mode really is easy. Hit “plus” for more light or “minus” for less, and adjust after reviewing the picture on your camera. One thing that is a little confusing at first: the camera will remember your last setting and make it the new “0.” If your last setting was at the highest output, it will appear that only “minus” settings are available for the next picture.” – By Nubster
Rating: ★★★★★


Metz 28 CS 2 Digital User Manual

– Download Metz 28 CS 2 Digital User Manual (PDF – 258kb)

Features & Specifications

Metz 28 CS 2 Digital Features & Specifications

The 28 CS-2 is a state-of-the-art, compact slave unit comprising Metz’s exclusive “easy mode” technology, which allows the user to automatically fine-tune the flashgun to the specific camera’s requirements. The unit is designed for use with cameras that do not feature an integral hot shoe and has a built-in bracket that allows the unit to be attached to the side of the camera. A special slave function ignores red-eye and monitors preflashes.

How often have you been disappointed about dark photos merely because the flash integrated in your camera was not powerful enough? And have you ever wanted a handy compact flash unit that can be used separately from the camera! Metz offers the perfect solution with the mecablitz 28 CS-2 digital – optimally adapted in performance and size to compact digital cameras! The fun factor is enhanced with the self-leaning slave mode and the ingenious EASY-Mode. For the very first time the flash shot taken can be directly influenced with the instant correction keys (+/-)!

Simply release the shutter, check the result on the camera’s monitor, and correct with the keys should this prove to be necessary. With this slave model the flash power can be boosted without any undesirable side-effects. The power is generated by normal alkaline size-AAA batteries or the equally inexpensive rechargeable AAA batteries. Included accessories: changeable telephoto attachment (85 mm); wide-angle attachment (24 mm); Bracket.

Technical Specs. auto shut-off; AA battery size; battery type: Alkaline. NiCad. NIMH; coverage: 24; depth: 1.28 in.; diffuser: accessory – included; exposure OK indicator; guide number @35mm (ISO 100): 22; height: 3.35 in.; max guide number (ISO 100): 28; max recycle time: 8 seconds number of batteries: 4; power levels: 1/8. 1/4. 1/2. 1/1; weight w/o batteries: 4.58 oz.; width: 2.44 in.; auto shut-off.

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