(Medium) No Circular Polarizer Filters ? No Worries !

Most of us might just already know that to get a deep blue beautiful sky with white and stand out clouds we must use a circular polarizer. Please take a look at this photo to get a better idea on what I’m talking about…

The bad news is that one glass of good CPL is not cheap and another bad news is that we can’t fit the filter glass to most consumer digital cameras. So, what if u doesn’t want to buy the filter but still want to get a photo with the same result? Here are some tips that will do the job.

In this tutorial we’re going to use a coconut tree picture as below:

1. First, make new layer.

2. Choose blue for foreground (in this case, I chose #2E538D).

3. Go to Gradient pallet tools, choose foreground to transparent

4. Apply a vertical gradient with darker color coming from the top of the photo

5. Change the layer blending to Color burn

6. You’ll get something like this:

7. We’re going to clean up the coconut tree that has been covered with the gradient layer by changing to Channel Pallet, and choosing the blue channel or the most contrasted color in your photograph.

8. Back to Layer Pallet, and click on the gradient layer. Choose Select > Feather: 1 pixel. Then click on the ‘add

9. We’re going to get a much more better picture like this

That’s it!

2 Responses to “(Medium) No Circular Polarizer Filters ? No Worries !”

  1. Joel Bader says:

    I have to disagree. As one who started using polarizers with film and still uses them with my digital SLR (along with a special holder for my collection of Cokin filters), I have always thought that I could control the color better on location with a polarizer than with software such as Photoshop. I can either look through the viewfinder (or LCD) and adjust accordingly; if necessary I can reshoot the scene again. My current computer, on the other hand, is sometimes pokey–it does not always allow for adjustments such as the ones depicted here.

  2. jc says:

    Great tutorial thanks. I’m about to go and take photos of a classic car show so these tips are going to help as I don’t have a polarizing filter for my wide angle lens yet.

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