Manfrotto 458B

Manfrotto 458B features Center column design allows you to leave the head mounted on the column when switching between low angle and normal shooting with Double positioning vertical and horizontal center column include Four set leg angle positions for a solid footing at any height and Leg lock release button for closing the tripod or shortening each leg for perfect positioning also complete with Carrying strap that can be used to support a counterweight. The Manfrotto 458B has maximum height of 61.42 in, maximum height (with cent tre column down) 51.57 in, minimum height 3.94 in, and weighs 5.29 lbs/2.4 kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Manfrotto 458B Expert Reviews

Ephotozine reviews the Manfrotto 458B and writes;
“I’ve enjoyed using the Neotec over the last six months and will no doubt get much more pleasure. It allows fantastic versatility to get to the subject from any angle. I’ve been able to shoot flora and fungi from ground level and wade into water to get better viewpoints of water. It copes amazingly with uneven terrain. Apart from the legs slipping out when not reuqired and the easy scratched surface I’d heartily recommend this model as a serious support for your kit.”
rating: N/A

User Opinions

Manfrotto 458B User Reviews

Comments and response, maintenance
“The Neotec is not the most, nor by any means the least stable. It is heavy and solid, but does have a torque/twist that you don’t really want. It’s not significant for any but the most demanding applications, however. I don’t know how the reviewer got “motion blur” using ANY camera on ANY tripod in a room with no wind. Maybe a train was passing by, or the reviewer was walking on a floor plank the tripod was on. This tripod has some play, but it doesn’t move of it’s own will…” – By J. Gordon
Rating: ★★★★☆

The fastest, most versitile tripod I’ve ever used
“If you do field photography there is no better tripod. My favorite work is nature macrophotography and this tripod has been able to get me extremely quickly setup before the spider, wasp, or any other little critters run away. Then I pick up in a matter of seconds and move on to the next location. The legs can extend out individually at almost any angle, so it is a very versatile tripod. One time I needed to prop the leg up against the window, brick wall, and soil to capture a shot of a spider building his web in the corner of the flower bed outside my front door. I would not have been able to do this my other tripods. “ – By S. Dang
Rating: ★★★★★

Smooth and versatile design
“This is a pricey little tripod, but worth it. I like the versatility and ease of use. Simply pulling down on the legs extends them which is very efficient when you need quick setup. I also especially like the removable column, which can be inserted horizontally into the ball assembly, giving you a copy stand. This is great for copying documents or as a Product Photography support (what I use it for). “ – By Warren Harris
Rating: ★★★★★

Neotec is fast and easy to setup
“To close it is just as easy – each leg had a button at the top you push, then push in the leg. I got into the habit to push all three buttons at once, then pushed the tripod down to the ground – it was put away in just seconds. The tripod I used during the class was used and abused, but it still functioned perfectly. If I remember correctly, the bottom of the legs are sealed, so that you could put them in water and not have to worry about water getting up the tube. Due to costs, I did end up purchasing the 055XproB, but still have the 458B on my wish list. “ – By Mike
Rating: ★★★★★


Manfrotto 458B User Manual

- Download Manfrotto 458B User Manual (PDF – 88.8kb)

Features & Specifications

Manfrotto 458B Features & Specifications

Awesomely fast and easy to use, the Bogen-Manfrotto 458B has the innovative Neotec rapid opening and closing mechanism — just pull each leg downwards to open and automatically lock it in any position, with no screws, knobs or levers to tighten or loosen. Then to fold it back up again, press the mechanism release button and push the leg closed, it’s that simple!

Combined with the 458B’s high load capacity, great minimum and maximum height range, full range of professional features and speed, makes it the ideal tripod for location work under pressure. The 458B has a built-in carrying handle; a two section center column for low angle or normal shooting and four leg angle positions.

Features include:

* Center column design allows you to leave the head mounted on the column when switching between low angle and normal shooting.
* Double positioning vertical and horizontal center column.
* Four set leg angle positions for a solid footing at any height.
* Leg lock release button for closing the tripod or shortening each leg for perfect positioning.
* Carrying strap can be used to support a counterweight.
* Waterproof up to 18 inches as the bottom leg section is sealed.

What’s in the Box:
Tripod, carrying strap.

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