Macrophotography – Learning From The Master

This is a big book about photographing a very small things and it’s beauty. Macrophotography is pretty complex field and most manuals on the subject published so far have been har to wade through and even by the end you’re generally none the wiser.

Macrophotography: Learning from a Master
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This 300+ page tome is packed with brilliant photograph – Gilles Martin can rightly claim to be a master of this craft – and the text is equally packed with pratical information taht you can really use. The book’s large format has allowed the photographs to be reproduced big, so you can really appreciate the technical quality of the photography – detail, detail and more detail – and be knocked out by the brilliant colors and up close and personal views which are truly breathtaking. You’ll be spending hours just admiring the photograph and wondering how it was done, which is when you can start reading the text.

The discussions about animal and insect behaviour are one of the key elements that separate this book from any other on macrophotography which tend to concentrate more on the photography thatn the actual subjects. Yet a good understanding of the subject is critical to successful macro photography.

If you’re really serious about macro photography you’re going to need lots of patience and some specialised equipment, especially in the area of of electronic flash. The stunning photographs in Macrophotography will inspire you to start exploring this remarkable world of imagery and the well-written and obviously well-researched – text will tell you how to do it. Highly recommended

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