Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW

Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW is quick and easy access camera bag for digital SLR cameras. The bag features Ergonomic Sling Strap, Full Access Lid, All Weather Cover, Zip-Stop Buckles, Padded Waist Belt, Quick Pull Handle, Built-In Memory Card Pouch, Built-in Micro Fiber LCD Cloth, Silent Zipper Pulls, SlipLock Attachment Loops, Accessory Pockets, and Mesh Back Pad that Provides comfort during long treks. The Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW has exterior size 13W X 9.1D X 17.3H in./33 X 23 X 44 cm, interior size 11.8W X 6.5D X 11.8H in./30 X 16.5 X 30 cm, and weighs 3.09lbs/1.4kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Check Availability

Expert Reviews

Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW Expert Reviews

CNET reviews the Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW and writes;
“I was able to tote Canon’s 1D Mark III, with the company’s EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM attached, along with four other smaller lenses and two flash units. Given the layout of the interior, only two of those extra lenses were really easily accessible. To get to the other two, I had to unclip one of the safety clips and unzip the side a little more, being careful to zip it back up and clip it again when I was done. Still, the SlingShot 300AW provided one of the best on-the-fly lens-changing experiences of the many bags I’ve used.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Digitalrelish reviews the Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW and writes;
“There is a lot to like about this bag and for those photographers who want to be able to switch from ‘carry mode’ to ’shoot mode’ in as little time as possible this is a great choice. The bag is constructed using high quality materials and feels like it’s built to last . There’s plenty of room for a variety of photographic equipment and should hold enough to last through an entire day of shooting if not longer.”
rating: N/A

Ephotozine reviews the Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW and writes;
“The interior is big enough to contain a decent sized DSLR like a D200 with a telephoto lens, without it getting cramped, the slingshot action is a work of inspiration, and the usual LowePro quality means that the bag will keep your photo goodies nice and dry. It also looks modern and stylish so other lensman won’t be laughing as you plod over Rannoch Moor with it on your back.”
Rating: ★★★★★

The-digital-picture reviews the Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW and writes;
“The Lowepro Slingshot 300 AW pads and the case itself are very protective – very typical for Lowepro gear. Quality construction is also typical Lowepro. The external material is a strong, durable Nylon. The case itself is relatively light.”
rating: N/A

Video Reviews

Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW Reviews

Review Video By MatthewsList

Review Video By SJDunker

User Opinions

Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW User Reviews

The 300 model is huge
“I already own a 200 model and needed something bigger. The 300 model seems to be 50% larger in capacity. I can fit my Canon 5D with a 70-200mm f2.8 lens attached, a 24-70mm f2.8 and three other lenses, along with a flash, batteries, filters, cables, etc. Everything I’d want to bring on an extended trip fits in this bag except the tripod. The bag will fit under an airplane seat! “ – By ShutterFlash
Rating: ★★★★★

Great design
“I purchased the Lowepro SlingShot 300 after having used the Slingshot 100 for the last two years. The design and padding is excellent. I recently upgraded cameras from the Canon Rebel XT to the Canon 5D and needed a larger bag to be able to include my 70-200mm lens. The SlingShot 300, while an awesome bag, was just too big for me.” – By Samantha
Rating: ★★★★☆

Sling Shot 300
“The straps are very comfortable and I love not needing to remove a backpack to access my camera; most of my shots are outdoors. The bag slides to the front offering easy access on the fly. The 300 has a sturdy backpacking waist belt to distribute weight to the hips for comfort, and the rain cover works well and tucks away nicely. “ – By KEB
Rating: ★★★★★

300AW fits Nikon D300, grip, and 70-200 VR
“The waist strap is considerably more robust than the strap on the 200AW; it has substantial padding and is wider. This makes the bag (for me) easier to wear; tightening up the waist strap removes some of the stress the single strap places on the shoulder. Although the 300AW is larger than the 200AW it is more comfortable to wear. Wearers who find the shoulder strap an annoyance might try cinching the waist strap tighter. The built in weather cover works well. Not, perhaps, in a full monsoon, but short of going over the falls without a barrel the bag will keep your gear safe from the elements. Build quality is excellent, what one would expect from a LowePro bag. “ – By J.W. Hart
Rating: ★★★★☆

“This is a decent, roomy camera bag. There are 2 separate compartments. The main compartment holds an SLR camera with a fairly large lens attached, and smaller sub-compartments for as many as 7 more lenses. These sub-compartments are achieved with padded divisions attached by Velcro to the sides and are infinitely adjustable. There is a special pocket on opening of the main compartment for spare memory disks. The smaller compartment at the top of the bag is big enough to hold (one of) a video camera, binoculars, lunch, a field guide, a travel guide, etc. The strap system is both comfortable and easy to use. The waterproof cover, stored in a pocket in the outside bottom of the bag, is handy and easy to deploy. “ – By Erika Mitchell
Rating: ★★★★☆

Excellent walk around bag
“I have many camera bags (as I imagine most photographers do) but none of them fit my need for a ‘walking around’ bag that would hold my D300 with a 24-70mm lens attached, a 70-200mm lens, an 11-18mm lens, an SB-900 speedlight, extra memory cards, batteries and more. The Lowepro SlingShot 300 is large enough to hold all that equipment yet small enough to carry around comfortably and the way it rotates from backpack to front access without having to take it off is genius. The SlingShot 300 has become my everyday bag and as the man said I ‘don’t leave home without it’.” – By Phillipe Marquis
Rating: ★★★★★

Women photographers especially
“I had looked at a lot of bags. Very happy with this one! This bag is comfortable, spacious, easily accessible, has quiet easy zippers, and if you are a woman, the way it straps across your chest isn’t bad. I am petite and it fits me. The lighter colored interior, the safety strap, the microfiber camera cover, and the rain protection make it even better. I will tie short color coded tiny ribbons on the zippers so I can find things faster. It’s not too big and not to small. Great price! My order was delivered promptly as promised. Extremely satisfied. “ – By Barbe Style Photography
Rating: ★★★★★

Handles all of my needed gear-BUT
“I have had this pack for over a year and carried it in my car as well as a carry-on. Great quality. I carry a Canon 7D or 50D with 70-200L or 100-400L attached, 16-35L, 24-70L, 100L macro, 580EXII flash, TC 1.4, 25mm Extension tube, Lowepro 6 filter pack, RRS Macro rail, Angle finder C, TC80N3 remote, and a Canon G10 all in the main compartment(tight, but without rearranging the stock separator setup). There is plenty of room for batteries and chargers, maintenance kits, etc in the other two compartments.” – By BeenThere
Rating: ★★★★★

Awesome Camera Bag
“The 302AW is better than the 300AW with lots of more room for all my camera gear. Now I have room for my Gary Fong flash diffuser plus my flash and more room for more lenses even my Tamron 70-200mm 2.8. I love the sling style bags Lowe Pro makes it’s easier to get to your gear and not having to take the bag off completely just pull your camera out and start popping off pictures. Sometimes I rest my elbows on the bag when slinged in front of me for a nice steady shot when needed. I’m a big guy and it’s very comfortable and airport friendly which is a plus these days.” – By Allen Respert
Rating: ★★★★★

Features & Specifications

Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW Features & Specifications

The Slingshot 300 AW is a sling style camera bag designed to comfortably carry a professional digital SLR body with a 70-200 f/2.8 lens attached, plus 5-6 extra lenses or flash units. Loaded with features, the SlingShot 300 AW boasts an All Weather Cover, a built-in memory card pouch, a micro fiber LCD protector, Hypalon SlipLock attachment loops and plenty of other amenities to provide the greatest ease of use and comfort.

Hardware Capacity:

Canon – EOS 1Ds Mark IIn; Contax – N Digital; Fujifilm – FinePix S3 Pro; Kodak – DCS SLR/c, DCS SLR/n, DCS 14n; Nikon – D2Hs, D2X, D1, D1x; Olympus – E-1; Sigma: SD9, SD10. 5-6 Zoom Lenses or Flash Units, memory cards and personal accessories.

Slingshot 300 AW Highlights:

1. Ergonomic Sling Strap
Evenly distributes equipment weight while carrying heavy equipment

2. Full Access Lid
Allows you to easily work from the bag while wearing it, and provides 180° access while packing

3. All Weather Cover
Offers maximum protection against rain, dust and sand

4. Zip-Stop Buckles
Prevent zippers from completely opening while accessing equipment

5. Padded Waist Belt
Fully adjustable belt distributes weight on hips for heavy loads

6. Quick Pull Handle
Provides an easy and secure location to grab and pull the bag into the “access position”

7. Built-In Memory Card Pouch
Quickly find memory cards in the same place every time

8. Built-in Micro Fiber LCD Cloth
Protects LCD screen from camera strap nicks and scratches

9. Silent Zipper Pulls
Provide quiet access around film crews or wildlife

10. SlipLock Attachment Loops
Add pouches or other SlipLock compatible products to customize

11. Accessory Pockets
Provide quick access to cables, adaptors, small accessories or personal items

12. Mesh Back Pad
Provides comfort during long treks

Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW

Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW

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