Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW

Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW features Original camera sling bag design with Increased volume throughout the sling, Easy-glide zippers, Main camera compartment with updated divider system, Hideaway Tripod Mount system, Ergonomic sling strap, SlipLock attachment loops, Two built-in memory card pockets, Adjustable padded waist-belt, and all weather AW cover protects camera gear and personal items from rain. The Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW has exterior size 8.3W X 8.7D X 15.9H in./21.0 X 22.0 X 40.5 cm, interior 6.3W X 4.3D X 10.2H in./16.0 X 11.0 X 26.0 cm, and weighs 1.5lbs/0.7kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW User Reviews

Awesome Lowepro bag but made for smaller DSLRs
“The bag itself, like most Lowepro products, is top notch. It feels solid and well constructed (which explains why it feels bulky.) There are enough small pockets to carry batteries, smaller filters and memory cards. The top compartment is good for holding lens hoods or any other smaller objects. The rain cover is on the bottom of the camera and easily flips over the camera in case of downpour. On the righthand side of the bag, there’s a small tripod/monopod holder that is secured with a strap at the top. Also, there’s a connector for Lowepro’s lens cases, so in case you get a larger zoom lens that won’t fit, you can easily attach it to your bag. “ – By N. Hawkins
Rating: ★★★★★

It’s small: A Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW Review
“The Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW rests on the back like a backpack, but with its single strap the case will swing around to the front for convenient access to its contents. The main compartment can hold a camera with the lens attached and has adjustable sections to hold a flash on one side and a second lens on the other. A secondary compartment can hold other items such as a cell phone, filters, or other needed items. A compact tripod or monopod hangs securely on the side, and straps are strategically placed on the exterior for hanging accessory components. Other pockets and compartments are found here and there to hold even more stuff…” – By RRB
Rating: ★★★★☆

Fits my Canon T1i perfectly
“I just purchased this to go with my new Canon T1i. It holds the camera with the 18-55MM lense perfectly. There is also room for two more items. I have the 55-250mm lens in one slot, and I was able to fit my Sony CX150 camcorder in the other slot because of how small it is! There is even a little space in the main compartment to hold the battery charger!..” – By RRB
Rating: ★★★★☆

Great for Most Users
“I’m just back from a trip to Europe using the Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW and I’m an instant fan of the pack. The sling approach is far better than the conventional backpack straps as the sling allows you to ‘swing’ the pack in one easy movement from your back to your front so that you can take out your camera without having to take the bag off. That pays huge dividends over the course of just a single day of sightseeing. I wondered if the sling would feel awkward. It doesn’t – in fact I wondered why people would use anything else now that I’ve tried it. “ – By ctyankee
Rating: ★★★★★

Nice bag for a Canon Rebel
“I have a Canon Rebel and a telephoto lens and this is a nice bag for that setup. The gear compartment at the top is nice for some accessories and filters. One thing I didn’t know about until it arrived was that it includes a built-in rain cover that has the edge sewn in so it won’t get lost. It basically folds out and turns inside out over the bag. Nice job.” – By K. J. Sullivan
Rating: ★★★★☆

Excellent bag for carrying the basics afield
“What I love about this bag, and all Lowepro bags, is the attention to the little details that show how Lowe really listens to photopgraphers- like the rain cover that hides away in a pocket until you need it, or the tripod/monopod strap and pocket. (You can’t carry much of a tripod on a pack this light, bu.t I find it’s perfect for a convertible monopod/walking stick like the Manfrotto 680B Monopod (4-SCTN) – Replaces 680 (Black)) For the photographer looking to travel light- especially for treks off the pavement- this is an excellent choice.” – By Michael J Edelman
Rating: ★★★★★

Great bag for on the go
“I LOVE this bag for every day / vacation / on the go etc. It’s small enough to not be bulky but big enough for every thing you need for the day. It holds my Nikon D5000 with one lens on the camera and one spare lens. typically an 18-55mm and 70-200mm + an SB 600 speedlight + filters, hoods, mem cards etc. It also has a place on the side to hang a small tripod which is nice if you use em. I don’t. It wont hold EVERYTHING but you usually dont NEED everything.” – By EH Style
Rating: ★★★★★

Best bag ever
“I wish I had known about this bag before I bought a general camera bag which is way less quality. By far, the best feature of this bag is being able to quickly swing your camera from back to front and quickly unzipping the bag to capture the right moment. It’s also very sleek and stylish so I don’t feel like a tourist at all when I use it. Best of all, it has a pocket for random stuff, so you can keep your most important things with you. Love this bag! “ – By A. Gamos
Rating: ★★★★★

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Features & Specifications

Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW Features & Specifications

The new, fast-access SlingShot AW series builds on the inventive design of the original and incorporates what many photographers are looking for: faster access, extra space for personal items, improved organization, and the ability to add a tripod. The SlingShot AW offers more volume in the upper compartment for extra accessories or personal items. A Hideaway Tripod Mount system with foldout holder and quick-release buckle secures a compact tripod to the side. The same inventive design—letting you quickly rotate to the front to access—remains a Sling Bags tried-and-true feature of this customer favorite. Also includes: a patented All Weather AW Cover; 3 SlipLock attachment loops; built-in microfiber cleaning cloth; and more.

Hardware Capacity:
DSLR (without grip) up to Nikon D90 or Canon 5D with attached standard zoom lens; 1-2 additional lenses or flash units and accessories (including a point-and-shoot camera); compact tripod or monopod; personal items.

SlingShot 102 AW:
1. Original camera sling bag design
Allows quick rotation from back to front to access camera, lenses and accessories without removing bag

2. Increased volume throughout the sling
Provides additional space for personal items and accessories in an upper compartment, stash pocket and front pocket

3. Easy-glide zippers
Offer smooth operation and fast access to all compartments

4. Main camera compartment with updated divider system
Accommodates most popular DSLR models

5. Hideaway Tripod Mount system
Secures a compact tripod or monopod to side of sling via a foldout holder, quick-release buckle and strap

6. Ergonomic sling strap
Offers a unique, comfortable way to carry gear

7. SlipLock attachment loops
Expand carrying capacity by adding compatible pouches, cases and bags

8. Two built-in memory card pockets
Provides easy-to-access extra memory on inside lid of main compartment

9. Adjustable padded waistbelt

10. Repositioned, built-in microfiber cloth
Provides convenient cleaning cloth that tucks into a mesh pocket and out of the way of camera

Additional Features & Benefits:
* All weather AW cover protects camera gear and personal items from the elements and tucks away when not in use

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