Lowepro SlingShot 100 AW

Lowepro SlingShot 100 AW is a comfortable bag to DSLR camera with mid-range zoom lens attached 1-2 extra lenses, cables and accessories. The bag features Ergonomic Sling Strap, Full Access Lid, All Weather Cover, Zip-Stop Buckles, Tuck-Away Stability Strap, Built-In Memory Card Pouch, Built-in Micro Fiber LCD Cloth which Protects LCD screen from camera strap nicks and scratches, Silent Zipper Pulls Provide quiet access around film crews or wildlife, SlipLock Attachment Loops, include Accessory Pockets and Mesh Back Pad.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

Expert Reviews

Lowepro SlingShot 100 AW Expert Reviews

The-digital-picture reviews the Lowepro SlingShot 100 AW and writes;
“The Lowepro Slingshot 100 AW pads and the case itself are very protective – very typical for Lowepro gear. Quality construction is also typical Lowepro. The external material is a strong, durable Nylon. The case itself is very light.”
rating: N/A

Features & Specifications

Lowepro SlingShot 100 AW Features & Specifications

The Slingshot 100 AW is a sling style camera bag designed to comfortably carry a digital SLR body with a compact zoom lens attached, plus 1-4 extra lenses or flash units. Loaded with features, the SlingShot 100 AW boasts an All Weather Cover, a built-in memory card pouch, a micro fiber LCD protector, Hypalon SlipLock attachment loops and plenty of other amenities to provide the greatest ease of use and comfort.

Hardware Capacity:

Canon EOS Series, Rebel Series; Konica-Minolta Maxxum 7D; Leica Digilux 2; Nikon D70, D100; Olympus E-300; Pentax with compact Zoom lenses or flash units.

Slingshot 100 AW Highlights:

1. Ergonomic Sling Strap
Evenly distributes equipment weight while carrying heavy equipment

2. Full Access Lid
Allows you to easily work from the bag while wearing it, and provides 180° access while packing

3. All Weather Cover
Offers maximum protection against rain, dust and sand

4. Zip-Stop Buckles
Provides security when accessing camera equipment while wearing the bag

5. Tuck-Away Stability Strap
Adds stability while carrying or easily tucks away while accessing equipment

6. Built-In Memory Card Pouch
Quickly find memory cards in the same place every time

7. Built-in Micro Fiber LCD Cloth
Protects LCD screen from camera strap nicks and scratches

8. Silent Zipper Pulls
Provide quiet access around film crews or wildlife

9. SlipLock Attachment Loops
Add pouches or other SlipLock compatible products to customize

10. Accessory Pockets
Provide quick access to cables, adaptors, small accessories or personal items

11. Mesh Back Pad
Provides comfort during long treks

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