Lowepro Pro Roller x100

Lowepro Pro Roller x100 is a camera bag to carry 1-2 pro DSLRs with grip plus 4-6 lenses; accessories, up to 14″ notebook. The bag features Exclusive Lock & Go System, Reserve Pack, Retractable TelePod Handle, Wheels with custom housings, SlipLock attachment loops, Practical and plentiful interior organization which Offers multiple ways to customize kit via adjustable, padded dividers; see-through zippered pockets; 4 memory card pockets; and a removable cord management pouch and Hideaway prop foot that Allows bag to be placed at a 30-45 degree angle in a stable position. The Lowepro Pro Roller x100 has exterior size 14W X 11.2D X 20H in./35.5 X 28.5 X 51 cm, interior size 11.4W X 6.6D X 15.7H in./29 X 16.8 X 50.50 cm, and weighs 11.02lbs/5kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Lowepro Pro Roller x100 User Reviews

Great Camera Bag
“This is a great rolling camera bag with the ability to remove the actual camera/lens storage part and use it like a backpack. My husband has acquired enough lenses and attachments that his former camera bag was both too small and very heavy. This way when we travel he can just wheel his camera bag on the plane instead of carrying it. The attachment that allows you to secure a tripod on the front of the bag is also very useful. “ – By V. Dorr
Rating: ★★★★★

Even more than I hoped it would be
“I’ve had this case for a month now and have been on several photo shoots with it. It’s great. It carries as much as I hoped it would. 1 – Canon 50D, 3 – Lens, 1 – video camera, 1 – point and shoot Canon and all the extras for the 50D. It’s made well and is very well padded. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up much more room than the bag it replaces but so much easier to get gear out of. I love this case and would recommend it highly. “ – By P. T. Gomm
Rating: ★★★★★

Awesome Bag
“I bought this when my old camera bag’s strap broke (and nearly taking my camera with it). I love this roller bag! It holds my camera, SB-600 flash, several lenses, filters, memory cards in wallet, and more. The wheels roll smoothly and feel durable. The threaded mount in the handle and the combination locking mechanism are nice additions. The pull handle feels a little flimsy, but it seems to hold up. I’ve not tried to carry this on a plane, but it appears that it would fit in an overhead. Also, I have not yet pulled out the backpack, as the roller option works best for me. All kinds of pockets and other nice additions. This is a well thought out bag that I would certainly recommend! “ – By Pete Miles
Rating: ★★★★☆

Great bag made specifically for high end cameras
“This bag has the internal compartments to keep your camera and lenses safe when you travel to the next job. It’s a little pricey but you can’t beat the protection. If you are lugging your $3000+ camera body around in a regular suitcase, you should really upgrade to this bag. It is very good quality and the internal padding/storage compartments are cheap insurance for your investments. I used to use a regular suitcase and things would knock around a bit. This keeps everything in its own compartment without a lot of additional bulk. “ – By J. Whiteside
Rating: ★★★★★

Perfect travel or photo shoot companion
“Plenty of space that you can design at will. Easy to load, wheels work perfectly, lifts easily to the trunk of my car. Not a shoulder bag of course although it has an untried back pack built-in. I never was a fan of back-packs although I have had a few. The front opening coupled with the pop-out angular support is really nice in the field although I tend to just let it down on its back…” – By BobShap
Rating: ★★★★★

Perhaps a bit overengineered
“I bought this bag for the same reason that most did – for use traveling. I needed a bag I can use to take on any plane (commuter or trans-ocean), that will carry and protect my gear, and that is usable. I chose the X100 over the X200 to make sure the bag was small enough to fit under seats and even in the smallest of overhead compartments. After 11 plane trips, I can say that the bag was easy to use in every plane. If it didn’t fit in the overhead compartment of a Delta commuter 15 seat plane, it did stow underneath the seat quite easily. It was also very easy to remove from under the seat – which is not easy with larger carry on luggages.” – By Talvi
Rating: ★★★★☆

Lowepro x100
“The Lowepro X100 is a fantastic piece of equipment for someone that travels a lot and doesn’t want the hassle of having to carry all their gear in a backpack. Going through airports is a breeze and being able to just toss it in an airline overhead compartment is a big plus… Overall….a fantastic travel companion and highly recommended.” – By Julius T. Santos
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Lowepro Pro Roller x100 Expert Reviews

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Lowepro Pro Roller x100 User Manual (PDF)

– Download Lowepro Pro Roller x100 User Manual (PDF – 84 KB)

Features & Specifications

Lowepro Pro Roller x100 Features & Specifications

The Pro Roller X100 is a hardworking mobile studio-with a few inventive surprises built into its modern design. Airport-friendly and super-secure, it holds a notebook, and is filled with refined yet practical features, such as the Reserve Pack-a camera backpack that zips out of the hard case when a photographer needs to downsize. A zippered front panel secures the hard case for check-in or storage while the Reserve Pack is in use. The exclusive Lock & Go System features a combination lock and a retractable cable to keep gear secure. The Pro Roller X100 is a true companion for the photographer who needs to get gear safely and easily to each assignment.

Hardware Capacity:
1-2 pro DSLRs with grip plus 4-6 lenses; accessories, up to 14″ notebook; airline carry-on size

Pro Roller X100:

1. Exclusive Lock & Go System
A retractable cable connects universally to an official Travel Sentry lock (recognized by TSA) and secures all components and pockets with one streamline system

2. Reserve Pack
Provides a dual carrying option. Use as an impromptu backpack or to downsize in last-minute scenarios where a smaller aircraft requires smaller dimensions for carry-on

3. Retractable TelePod Handle
Features left-right operating buttons and threaded camera mount which turns handle into an impromptu tripod-like platform for shooting or lighting

4. Wheels with custom housings
Are removable and replaceable with an Allen wrench

5. SlipLock attachment loops
Expand carrying options for add-on accessories

6. Practical and plentiful interior organization
Offers multiple ways to customize kit via adjustable, padded dividers; see-through zippered pockets; 4 memory card pockets; and a removable cord management pouch

7. Hideaway prop foot
Allows bag to be placed at a 30-45 degree angle in a stable position

Additional Features & Benefits:

* Hideaway Tripod Mount: Secures a tripod two ways-at front or side of Pro Roller x-Series

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