Lowepro Primus AW

Lowepro Primus AW features Lumbar and side access, all Weather Cover protects equipment from weather, sand and dust. The Lowepro Primus AW has exterior size 13.2W X 9.3D X 20.1H in./33.5 X 23.5 X 51 cm, interior size 12.6W X 6.3D X 7.3H in./32 X 16 X 18.5 cm, Top Compartment Inner Dimensions: 11.8W X 6.3D X 11.8H in./30 X 16 X 30 cm, and weighs 6.4lbs/2.9kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Lowepro Primus AW Expert Reviews

Matthewbaltrusitis reviews the Lowepro Primus AW and writes;
“If you travel light and fast and need a bag that can keep-up and do the same, the Lowepro Primus AW might be a pack that you are looking for. It is a backpack that has room for clothing and camera equipment that does not necessarily scream “camera bag” to any would-be thieves. The Primus AW is not something you would want if you are looking to tote around your laptop and your super telephoto lenses. Rather, if you are looking to carry nothing larger than a 70-200mm lens, medium zoom and a flashgun, this might be the bag for you. If you are looking for something a bit smaller or much larger, the previously mentioned Primus Minimus or CompuPrimus (guess what that has room for) may be of interest to you.”
rating: N/A

Photoreview reviews the Lowepro Primus AW and writes;
“Although rather heavy and bulky (and also quite expensive), Lowepro’s Primus AW bag will suit professional photographers who want a tough, versatile bag for location work. It is also comfortable enough to suit bushwalking photographers who require a durable weatherproof backpack that can be customised to accommodate both camera equipment and personal items for a day in the wilderness. “
Rating: ★★★★½

User Opinions

Lowepro Primus AW User Reviews

Great Multi-Purpose Backpack
“The upper compartment is a slightly padded area that can hold a lot of non-photography gear. I packed a first aid kit, food, maps, and a GorillaPod table-tripod in it and still had room to spare. On the front of the bag is a sort of half-open expandable area that is perfect for holding a jacket, books, or other items. It can even hold a small notebook computer. The outermost part of the bag has a tripod attachment that also worked great for trekking poles. Underneath the bag is the storage for the attached all-weather cover, should it begin to rain. Finally, on the side of the bag is an expandable pocket for a water bottle. “ – By Brian Vallelunga
Rating: ★★★★☆

Good, but not great
“In summary, it is a very good/well built backpack, but it won’t carry a ton of camera gear unless you put more gear in the upper compartment. It’s very comfortable to wear, but is a little bit of a pain to get into. I’m not sure if it’s worth $200, but you’re paying a little bit of a premium because it’s made of recycled water bottles. For someone who just carries a camera and a lens or two and does a lot of hiking, this is an excellent backpack. If you’re looking for something to lug all your camera gear around on the subway or in the car, I would get something different.” – By J. Howard
Rating: ★★★★☆

Great backpack, for camera gear and extra stuff
“The bottom compartment is a great size to fit my D80, two lenses (sigma 17-35, and nikkor 35-70), a large collection of neutral density filters, some cleaning gizmos, memory cards, remote, and ultra-pod II, with some room leftover. The top pocket is great for non-photo stuff including a portable dvd player, with extra battery pack, a flip case for dvds, a couple of books, travel alarm clock, travel documents, snacks, and some toys for our daughter. The outside flap also accommodates a jacket well. I love the side quick access flap, My D80 goes in and out easily. The pack is very comfortable for long hikes and has plenty of room for everything I need to bring for plane travel, day hikes, and general sightseeing. “ – By R. McDougal
Rating: ★★★★★

Killer Pack For What It Is Designed For
“…It is a larger pack, again look at the video, and good for the outdoor photographer. No you will not be going for three days in the backwoods with it. It is great for the day hike, maybe more IF you are sturdy. I took mine to China and found it too large for the urban Chinese environment, but VERY secure for the photo equipment, as it opens from the inside, against your back. Mine worked wonderfully throughout the trip and you can barely tell it spent two weeks in four cities and towns in China. A great buy.” – By M. Hudson
Rating: ★★★★★

Perfect….for me
“The bag is great for holding a lot of gear and not being too bulky. You can actually get into rather quickly but it is still not a fast access bag or a drop pouch. I till carry a small bag on my shoulder to drop lenses into when I am really shooting and not using two bodies. The bag is really designed for one body, but you could put the second one in the top compartment if you wanted to. “ – By A. Foster Hunt
Rating: ★★★★☆

Good to Go
“I bought the Fastpack350 and the Primus AW and kept the Primus. Functionality is good and it was less boxy looking than it’s fastpack cousin (ok – looks are important to me). On hikes it’s comfortable and lightweight. I am 6 foot and the other comments about it being short on the back are true but overstated. If you are used to hightech backpacking gear than it might not fit perfectly, but it is better than the alternatives and not uncomfortable. The straps get a bit cumbersome in softer situations such as travelling through airports, but it beats having multiple carryons.” – By S. Patton
Rating: ★★★★☆

Superbly well made
“the Lowepro Primus AW is a well made pack, very well thought out, and very ergonomic in its intended use. It is padded in the right places to protect both the user and the gear, and the construction is worthy of its intended pricey contents. Its capacity, size, and function are just right for tackling the more rugged back trails. For more urban or park like settings and short hikes with less gear, I use a small Domke shoulder bag. “ – By Michael H. Young
Rating: ★★★★★

Great hiking backpack
“Bought this almost six months ago after a friend recommended it to me. In the lower compartment I usually carry a Canon 50D with lens attached, a medium telephoto lens, and an additional shorter lens. Everything fits nicely, assuming that you carry a limited selection of equipment, and I’ve found that my camera can be removed quickly through the side pocket. I can see how this would be a problem for larger body cameras, though. The top compartment stores dry socks, snacks, and spare water quite nicely, along with other essentials.” – By K. Brauning
Rating: ★★★★☆

Great products, amazing customer service
“This is my favorite camera bag. None of the others I have come close to filling this same role. It’s elegantly designed. The amount of space in the top and bottom are just right for many situations. I even went around Europe with this as my only bag for weeks. Clothes and toothbrush in the top, gear in the bottom (I travel light, except for camera equipment!) The back-opening design is really nice in that one doesn’t have to take the bag all the way off to get at the pockets. You can sling it around or reverse it, and open it towards your chest. The camera access point on the side is MAYBE a little small, but really well positioned.” – By T. Savage
Rating: ★★★★★

Features & Specifications

Lowepro Primus AW Features & Specifications

A perfect combination of fast access and all weather protection, the Primus AW was built for the backcountry. Rugged construction with a recycled, water resistant outer fabric and a seam-sealed AW cover protects gear. This pack also conforms to a variety of body types with an adjustable 8-point harness system giving the adventure photographer exceptional comfort under heavy load. The lumbar-equipment access point keeps the bag off the ground when digging for equipment in either of the two padded compartments. Gear retrieval is further complimented by a side access zipper that gives the user quick camera access without taking the bag off. Combine that with pockets and features that are made for today’s adventure photographer and the Primus AW delivers adjustable comfort with tough camera protection.

In commemoration of Lowepro’s 40th anniversary, we are proud to introduce the industry’s first backpack designed for the professional photographer that is made primarily from recycled materials. Funds raised from the sale of the Primus AW backpack will support Polar Bears International PBI, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the worldwide conservation of the polar bear.

The Primus AW backpack, constructed of 51% Cyclepet®, a 100% post consumer recycled fabric, is the first backpack of its kind, and establishes the Primus AW as the industry standard for eco-friendly carrying solutions. Each bag contains enough recycled material to equate to approximately 22 soda bottles. By preventing this material from reaching a landfill, .0034 cubic yards of landfill space, 15,109 BTU’s of energy, .002 barrels of crude oil and .12 gallons of refined oil is conserved throughout the production process. The release of Primus AW celebrates the spirit of conservation which has been, and continues to be, an integral part of the Lowepro culture. To help you make the most of this Lowepro bag take a look at our new product video.

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