Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II

Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II features Trekker Tripod Mount Positions Down The Center Or On Either Side, Attachment Loops Made From The Tough Hypalon, River Rafts Hold Optional Sliplock Accessories Wherever They?Re Most Convenient Includes Ergonomic Harness, Quick-Adjust Waistbelt, All Weather Cover And Water-Resistant Zippers. The Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II has exterior size 14.6W X 15D X 19.1H in./37 X 38 X 48.5 cm, interior size 11.4W X 5.9D X 16.7H in./29 X 15 X 42.5 cm, and weighs 6.39lbs/2.9kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II Expert Reviews

Radiantlite reviews the Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II and writes;
“The built quality of the material is impressive. It is made from high quality material and will withstand harsh environmental condition. The design is pretty good looking, it does not look like a camera bag, instead it looks like usual backpack for hiking. This is a good to deter a thief.”
rating: N/A

The-digital-picture reviews the Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II and writes;
“The Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II Backpack features a nice rubberized handle on top – Nice for carrying the pack or for assistance when putting it on or taking it off your back. I miss the side handle included on the Pro Trekker II as it makes it easier to remove the pack from your back. An included shoulder strap attaches to one side of the pack.”
rating: N/A

User Opinions

Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II User Reviews

Very nice (big) bag
“A nice surprise that I found with this bag is that it includes a small day pack. The day pack is a little bit smaller than a normal-sized backpack and is designed to carry food, small bottles of water, etc. It can be attached to the camera bag or carried standalone. Another nice feature is that it has a built-in rain cover. You just open a zipper at the bottom and the cover comes out and wraps around the bag. You pull a string tight so that it fits neatly over the bag. Finally, the bag can hold a tripod, but I have not tried to attach one yet.” – By Raymond Parsons
Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent backpack, a bit too heavy
“I received this great trekker pack yesterday and I’m very happy with it. One very neat feature is that you can adjust the height of the hip hugging flaps to suite your torso height. I fiddled with that a couple of times until I got the flaps to high hip level, where, when buckled together, transfer the majority of the bag’s weight onto the hips, releiving the shoulders and neck, a great feature.” – By Mazen A. Salhi
Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent Backpack
“I needed a backpack that could easily accommodate a tripod and carry a camera body, several lenses, and photo accessories. This one met my needs perfectly. Although slightly larger than I expected, size and weight are no problem. The weight rests primarily on your hips, making it very comfortable to carry on long hikes. The backpack harness adjusts easily, and a shoulder strap is included if you’re inclined to carry it that way. I also like the raincover that folds out of a pouch on the bottom of the pack. All-in-all, well worth the price. “ – By S. Sorenson
Rating: ★★★★★

Solid gear
“The main compartment is cavernous and the velcro styled compartments can be reconfigured with ease. The bag easily holds my XTi body, a 70-200mm White lens, a 17-40mm wide angle, a 100mm Macro, couple of filters, a polarizer and 2 lens caps. No sweat there. The camera sits snug inside its customized compartment and is well insulated from the elements outside. There is another zippered compartment to store manuals, and other small bric-a-brac. “ – By Ashwin Mudigonda
Rating: ★★★★★

Big and bulky, but works great
“I use this bag as permanent storage for my photo gear. It usually holds a Nikon D200 with a 70-200 f/2.8, along with 2 or 3 smaller lenses. Also in the bag are a light meter, SB-600 speedlight, batter charger and cable, memory card case, and some other misc. items. The shoulder straps are fully removable. I took them off, and attached the included (but not shown) single strap. This makes it easy to grab and go, when you are not going on a full hike, but rather a trip to the park.” – By B. Jackman
Rating: ★★★★☆

Big but customizable
“It is a great bag if you travel and walk a lot with your equipments, It is a very customizable and provides optional rooms for expansion. However, you won’t able to walk comfortably when the bag fully loaded (25-30 lbs) for a long time. So keeping a balanced load when hiking / walking is essential. “ – By Enche Tjin
Rating: ★★★★★

Sturdy camera bag
“After using this bag for several months in the field, Im completely satisfied with the built quality, materials and padding, that makes you fill your equipment is well protected. Although is a little bit bulky has the capacity to easily carry all my equipment without extra bags. If you are looking for a bag that can handle rough use and room for big lenses this is the one. Completely recommended. “ – By Roberto Pedraza
Rating: ★★★★★


Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II User Manual (PDF)

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Features & Specifications

Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II Features & Specifications

Hardworking backpack can be customized for multiple systems. Includes ergonomic harness, quick-adjust waistbelt, All Weather Cover™ and water-resistant zippers. Trekker Tripod Mount™ positions down the center or on either side, attachment loops made from the tough Hypalon® you see in river rafts hold optional SlipLock™ accessories wherever they’re most convenient.

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