Lowepro DryZone Rover

Lowepro DryZone Rover is camera bag for carry Pro digital or 35mm SLR with 3-4 additional lenses (up to an 80-200mm f/2.4); tripod or monopod, memory cards, cables and personal accessories. The bag features Completely waterproof camera compartment in the Drypod. Made of Tarpaulin PVC with a TiZip zipper Includes a 50oz HydraPak hydration system with Wide Mouth Design to make it fast to fill and easy to clean, Contoured shoulder harness provides ergonomic comfort and support also completed with Built-in memory card pouches and removable accessory pouch helps organize your accessories. The Lowepro DryZone Rover has exterior size 13W X 9.6D X 21.1H in./33 X 24.5 X 53.5 cm, Camera Compartment Inner Dimensions: 11.8W X 6.9D X 8.7H in./30 X 17.5 X 22 cm, Top Compartment Inner Dimensions: 11.8W X 7.3D X 12H in./30 X 18.5 X 30.5 cm, and weighs 4.94lbs/2.24kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Lowepro DryZone Rover Expert Reviews

Digitalcamerareview reviews the Lowepro DryZone Rover and writes;
“If you’re in the market for a backpack that provides waterproof protection for a digital SLR, the Lowepro DryZone Rover is a great option. As the first backpack like this to include a hydration pack, you’ll be all set to spend extended periods of time out in the field. Known for their high-quality and comfortable packs, Lowepro offers a lifetime warranty (within reason, of course) to back up their products. I highly recommend this bag — you won’t be disappointed.”
rating: N/A

User Opinions

Lowepro DryZone Rover User Reviews

Lowepro DryZone Rover Backpack
“This pack gets the job done around water. I live in Alaska and need a pack that is easy to use and carry while keeping my digital safe and dry. Pelican cases are great but you can’t carry them so I was forced to find and alternative. I like this pack because it is fully adjustable and has a compartment for all my other stuff. The camera compartment isn’t really a fast opening compartment but for day to day use I just snap the strap and don’t bother with the zipper. The camera compartment is a little small if you need lots of gear or multiple cameras but for a few lenses and a camera body it works.” – By Alex Joseph Hundertmark
Rating: ★★★★☆

Lowepro DryZone Rover Backpack
“I gave this as a gift and was a little worried after reading some of the reviews. The recipient was very very excited! We tested out the water bladder and it holds water very well, he had a back up plan in case…there are other companies out there that make smaller water bladders, it’s not a big deal to replace it. The zipper on the waterproof camera case on the bottom is crazy hard to open and close, but they kindly include zipper grease with the backpack, so we put it on and the more you open and close the zipper, the easier it gets.” – By chickenbells
Rating: ★★★★★

Hikers with Camera?
“I bought this bad as I thought it would be useful for backpacking, as I am often caught out in the weather and wanted to protect my gear. While I agree with some reveiwers that the zipper to the waterproof compartment is a bit hard to work – if you use the wax it works quite well. Construction of the bag is exceptional – it has ergonomic shoulder straps and a good hip belt that is padding. There is plenty of room for a jacket and some food in the top – probably around 1200 cubic inches, possibly a bit more. The hydration portion seems to work fine, and unlike some people I have had no problems using it.” – By Jeff Parker
Rating: ★★★★★

Great except for the Zipper
“I can comment on the durability. This pack is like new, even after being lifted and carried to work every day with heavy loads(I have put all my camera gear in the bottom and a MacBook (barely) in the top! Regarding the zipper: be prepared to struggle with this and master it. It is the same zipper used on drysuits. The camera compartment with the zipper correctly closed is virtually bomb proof, and I have submerged it with no leakage!” – By Wayne Phillips
Rating: ★★★★☆

Just what I needed
“Got my backpack and fitted it and was on my way to Arizona. I went to The Grand Canyon,Zion and Brice National Parks.I carried 2 camera bodies and 3 lens.I had water in the hydrapak that comes with it and a spare fleece jacket for the weather. It balances very good and was easy to get on and off. My tripod stayed in place and didn’t shift. I am 65 and had 2 back surgeries, a new knee and hip put in. I was able to walk several miles at a time with no discomfort, and had my hands free for balance. My equipment was safe and didn’t shift and was able to get to it when I needed it. Over all I am very satisfied with the backpack.” – By P. J. Nelson
Rating: ★★★★★

Wonderful as long as this is the bag you want
“I use this bag mostly for day hiking or hike-in-and-camp-overnight trips. The bag holds a LOT of gear. Often it is completely not necessary for me to take as much gear as I do, but I end up taking it because I have the space. This really isn’t the kind of bag you want to be carrying if you want to be able to grab and switch lenses super-quick, as it is a process to get things out of the waterproof part. For me, it is completely worth the peace of mind knowing that I can fall in the lake and I probably won’t ruin thousands of dollars worth of gear. “ – By Emily Ann Garcia
Rating: ★★★★★


Lowepro DryZone Rover User Manual

- Download Lowepro DryZone Rover User Manual (PDF – 104kb)

Features & Specifications

Lowepro DryZone Rover Features & Specifications

Water and camera equipment in the same bag used to spell disaster. The DryZone Rover is the world’s first backpack designed to safely carry both a hydration system and camera gear all inside the same bag. The unique design of the DryZone Rover allows you to comfortably store camera equipment or other water sensitive items in the waterproof lower compartment while providing quick access to personal storage space above. Remove the padded camera insert from the lower drypod and you instantly have a multi-purpose waterproof pack. Perfect for the adventure photographer in remote and extreme conditions, the DryZone Rover keeps you hiking, hydrated and shooting longer.

* DryZone Rover capacity: Pro SLR, 3-4 additional lenses (up to an 80-200mm f/2.4), tripod or monopod, memory cards, cables and personal accessories.
* Completely waterproof camera compartment in the Drypod. Made of Tarpaulin PVC with a TiZip zipper.
* Includes a 50oz HydraPak hydration system with Wide Mouth Design to make it fast to fill and easy to clean.
* Contoured shoulder harness provides ergonomic comfort and support.
* Built-in memory card pouches and removable accessory pouch helps organize your accessories.

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