LowePro Dryzone Rover – Review @ WyldfireStudios

LowePro Dryzone Rover, the world’s first backpack designed to safely carry both a hydration system and camera gear all inside the same bag, has been reviewed at wyldfires.com


“This is a very good pack. It’s a nice design overall, and it fits me fairly well. The waist belt could do with a little more redesign, but as LowePro doesn’t make multiple sizes to fit multiple people, the waist belt is about as good as it’s going to get. The waist belt fits me “well enough”, although I would have liked for it to fit more, but it’s doubtful that will happen with a one-size-fits-all camera bag.

Switching out lenses quickly is not exactly an option with this bag, but what you sacrifice in quickness, you do get in waterproofing. For hikes where I know things aren’t going to get wet, I will probably pick up something that can attach to the waist belt or to the pack for lenses that I want to interchange quickly.

So, if you’re looking for a camera bag that will work well on hikes where you want to carry some extra gear along with your camera gear, or for those times where you’re near large bodies of water, this is a great pack to use.”

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  1. Chilie says:

    I want buy it,but I am reside in Tibet Lhasa.so can you send it to there??

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