Lowepro CompuTrekker AW

Lowepro CompuTrekker AW is camera bag to carry 1-2 SLRs and 4-6 lenses (80-200mm f/2.8) or compact medium format system; large notebook computer; accessories. The bag features Camera compartment with adjustable and removable padded dividers completed with Hidden built-in tripod holder and plenty of laminated pockets to organize and protect all your cables, wires and accessories. Lowepro’s patented All Weather cover to protect bag and contents from extreme weather, sand, dirt, etc, with SlipLock attachment slots allow you to attach additional Lowepro accessories and pouches to the CompuTrekker AW. The Lowepro CompuTrekker AW has exterior size 13.4W X 8.5D X 17.7H in./34 X 21.6 X 45 cm, interior size 11W X 4.9D X 15H in./28 X 12.5 X 38 cm, and weighs 3.4lbs/1.54kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Lowepro CompuTrekker AW Expert Reviews

Squidoo reviews the Lowepro CompuTrekker AW and writes;
“This bag looks huge, and it is. It can fit A LOT of gear. Surprisingly and amazingly, it’s not that bad to carry around. The shoulder straps are very thickly padded, the back of the bag has bulging padding to provide back support, there’s a waist belt to keep the bag from bouncing and hitting your back and there’s an elastic buckle that keeps the shoulder straps from slipping off your shoulders.”
rating: N/A

Photonomikon reviews the Lowepro CompuTrekker AW and writes;
“In typical Lowepro style, this backpack is very well constructed. It’s covered in a very tough synthetic material, which looks and feels impervious to water and the elements. Even then, Lowepro’s AW models have an extra rain-cover tucked away in a hidden bottom pocket.”
rating: N/A

User Opinions

Lowepro CompuTrekker AW User Reviews

Perfect for planes
“This baby has more than enough room for my camera- and could fit 2 full SLRs, plus extra lenses and other accessories. Plus I can fit my laptop, and some files/books/paperwork. There are a few smaller pockets, and the whole thing has great clips to secure things closed. It can get a little heavy carrying all that on your back, but this has great, comfortable straps, and I love that I can close it across my chest to keep the straps in place. The best part was that I can actually fit this under the seat in front on the plane, so I don’t have to worry about anything getting crushed in the stow compartments!” – By Andrea Brenton
Rating: ★★★★★

Great for airline travel and general use
“It’s made very well. It’s been on at least 6 trips and looks brand new. It’s very excellent protection for the computer and the main compartment (altho’ the ouside pocked isn’t padded). The straps are comfortable, and up to the task when fully loaded. The dividers are very flexible, and you should be able to make it work for any equipment that will fit inside. I have never received any hassle from TSA when carrying this bag full of gear.” – By G. M. Matthews
Rating: ★★★★★

Great to carry it all, but could have been designed better
“Overall, I bought the bag to carry it all and it works really well for this purpose. Everything fit snuggly and all of my equipment arrived safely. I think that Lowepro could have done a better job with the design of the bag, however. Plus the inconvenience of needed to remove my laptop means that I will keep looking for other bags. “ – By mhnstr
Rating: ★★★★☆

5.0 out of 5 stars Computrekker AW vs Tamrac Expedition 7
“The Computrekker has a large exterior pockets with capacity for accessories like the SB-800, a Wimberley Sidekick, and room for more. The laptop pocket is moderately large and located against your back, providing plenty of protection. The laptop pocket is better for a thin laptop – the limit is my 1 1/2 inch thick Dell. Interior pockets can be configured to your specific gear. Padding is adequate, but the bag is not over-padded. I am able to fit this entire bag in most overhead compartments, but occasionally I have to remove the laptop…” – By E. Bowles
Rating: ★★★★★

As good as it gets
“No camera/laptop hybrid bag is perfect. But this one comes darn close. It is made extremely well, and it is comfortable when loaded up. It is perfect for traveling and event photography. The number one reason I bought it was to be able to travel and carry my 15″ mac book and camera equipment in one bag. My mac book has a hard clam shell case attached to it for added protection. And I was concerned that it would be too bulky.” – By J. Ramirez
Rating: ★★★★★

Great product, a little big
“This is a great bag. I use Rebel XTI with attached battery grip (growing to a 50D shortly). Has plenty of room for my 70-300MM IS attached to camera. I usually also pack 28-105MM and a 50MM. With all of the above still has plenty of room for another body or 2-3 lens. Padding is great, however this bag is very large.” – By Think Different
Rating: ★★★★★

Very solid, great bag for traveling
“I like this bag for what it is. When you open the box, you will first notice the weight. It is a very well engineered and fully padded tech friendly backpack, with high-quality zippers, that will not fall apart anytime soon. It lets me consolidate my computer & camera bags for travel, so it does what it does very well. With airlines cracking down on carry-on items, this bag is perfectly maximized size-wise to fit on-board so I don’t have to worry about hand checking one of two bags.” – By Chris J. Knappett
Rating: ★★★★★

Close But Not Quite Ideal
“This bag comes very close. I can stuff in everything except a backup super telephoto and a tripod. The total comes to about 45 pounds. (Don’t tell the airlines.) Even at that weight, the bag is very comfortable on my back, even over the course of a long day. The slip-pocket for the laptop is very well padded and pretty secure. Even though it’s closest to my back, the laptop doesn’t create pressure or chafe points. It’s true that you can’t get into the pack without taking it off, but that’s not a problem for me. “ – By James D. DeWitt
Rating: ★★★★☆

A worthwhile purchase
“It can fit in two DSLRs (D90+D300S) and my most frequently used lenses (Nikkor 17-55mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8 VR II, 35mm f1.8), plus a SB600, and a 13″ McBook without any problem (it might fit a 15″ notebook, but I didn’t try that). It also has a front pouch that can accommodate a tripod, and it even has a cover to shield the bag against water. It has the perfect size to fit in an aircraft cabin. The bag is very well build, and is a bit heavy even without any gear.” – By Anthony Loh
Rating: ★★★★☆

Features & Specifications

Lowepro CompuTrekker AW Features & Specifications

A perfect combination for photo gear and notebook computer, the CompuTrekker AW was designed specifically for digital photographers. Photojournalists and location photographers will find it a great travel companion. The backpack’s reinforced construction, shock-absorbing closed-cell foam padding and tough, water-resistant outer fabric protects contents from moisture and sudden impacts.

The patented All Weather Cover™ offers maximum protection from extreme weather conditions, dust and sand. A padded notebook compartment is secured with both zipper and quick-release buckle, while the main camera compartment is fully customizable with adjustable padded dividers. A quick-access hide-away Tripod Mount™, SlipLock™ attachment loops and a number of laminated and zippered organizer pockets provide photographers with fast, easy access to equipment.

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