Lowepro CompuRover AW

Lowepro CompuRover AW is camera bag for DSLR cameras and up to 17″ notebook computer. The bag features a bottom camera compartment which is fully customizable for your SLR or Camcorder system, built-in Digital memory organizer, built-in tripod holder, a SlipLock attachment tabs with All Weather cover to protect bag and contents from extreme weather, sand, dirt, etc. The Lowepro CompuRover AW has exterior size 13.4W X 9.1D X 21.7H in./34 X 23 X 55 cm, Camera Compartment Inner Dimensions: 11.6W X 6.9D X 8.3H in./29.5 X 17.5 X 21 cm, Notebook Compartment Inner Dimensions: 11.6W X 1.9D X 18.7H in./29.5 X 4.75 X 47.5 cm, Top Compartment Inner Dimensions: 12.6W X 7.3D X 12.6H in./32 X 18.5 X 32 cm, and weighs 5.34lbs/2.42kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Lowepro CompuRover AW Expert Reviews

Digital-photography-school reviews the Lowepro CompuRover AW and writes;
“The laptop section that is in between where your back will be and the main compartments of the bag is positively huge – you could fit a laptop from 1987 in there, large.. The 17″ MacBook Pro slips in with enough room for a string quartet playing a Nirvana song. The camera section is divided into six sections with two higher dividers that your DSLR will happily sit on with the lens facing down into the bag – I usually have my 24-70mm attached in the bag and it all fits like a glove. You can access the camera department from the main bag section up the top with the swift removal of a Velcro panel.”
Rating: ★★★★½

User Opinions

Lowepro CompuRover AW User Reviews

“We bought this for our son for Christmas. He wanted a high quality bag to carry his laptop and his digital SLR camera together at college. The bag arrived quickly and after opening and inspecting, we were very happy with the apparent high quality of the materials and the construction. It is large and roomy and had plenty of room left for carrying other things he needed without over crowding. Very pleased with this purchase!” – By R. Dohna
Rating: ★★★★★

Great bag, but it may be more than you need
“One of my favorite features is also one that annoyed me a bit: the tripod carrier. It was great to carry it hands-free but the carrier itself utilizes a shoelace-like cord that tied down the tripod nicely, very secure, but when trying to put in or take out the tripod the clamps on the legs and the feet on the tripod would get a bit tangled with the cord. I don’t really need to get out the tripod in a hurry but it was still a bit frustrating. The way the tripod carrier is attached also still allows access to your camera gear, just make sure to keep the zippers off to one side. Another downside to the tripod carrier is that you can’t utilize it with the all-weather cover; it would’ve been nice to have additional velcro straps on the bottom to strap in the tripod so you could still carry it with the cover in place. “ – By JDH “JDH”
Rating: ★★★★☆

nice all around back pack for camera and laptop
“After resently purchasing my first laptop I needed to find a way to carry it and my camera equipment. The CompuRover AW is an excellent solution to my needs. It does get heavy when everything is packed into it, but it offers great protection. With the laptop removed it also works well as a photo backpack. The camera protection is removeable so the bag is covertable and can be used a a day pack. It fits nicely, has a waist belt that is removable and the upper compartment has plenty of storage for snacks/lunch and a sweatshirt or jacket. “ – By Dennis M. Unverferth
Rating: ★★★★★

But for a couple of things this would be 5 stars
“In general, very pleased with the bag. Quite sturdy, straps are heavy duty and comfortable when carrying a lot of weight. The bag is somewhat short; and given I have a long torso, cinching up the waist belt would result in the belt riding well above my hips. Plenty of room for camera equipment; place for an SLR with medium zoom, external flash, 2nd medium zoom and accessories. I could probably fit a tele-photo zoom in as well, although I haven’t tried it yet. Nice compartment for the laptop as well. “ – By S. Anthony
Rating: ★★★★☆

Lowepro CompuRover AW Backpack
“I bought this bag after looking at the KATA, Tenbo, Tamrac, and Crumpler back packs. I like this bag because it holds my laptop, files(landscape), cords, Zune, DVDs, Canon 350D, 430 EX flash, and 4 lenses without issue. I REALLY like the bag becasue it will fit (fully loaded) under the seat of the CRJ jets. I’ve had no issues with US airport security. It is a good solid bag and I like it. I’m 6’1” so the fully loaded weight (35 lbs) doesn’t bother me, but it might bother some. I plan on taking this bag to Europe in the next few weeks. I would buy it again and recomend it. “ – By JCV “JCV”
Rating: ★★★★★

Compurover Review
“This is a very well built backback. The camera equipment goes into the lower third of the pack and folds out to store the equipment in. It is a little awkward to get used to, but once you do it works fine. The space is decent for a Nikon D300 with a 17-55mm lens, a telephoto lens, a flash, and extra batteries, filters, cords, recharger etc. The top third of the pack is open. It is good for storing a book and toiletries, but not much else. You cannot pack a weekend’s worth of clothing in it unless you bring less camera equipment. The outside back of the pack can store a tripod very nicely.” – By Donald J. Holland
Rating: ★★★★☆

Probably the last camera bag you’ll need to buy
“Overall, this bag design is very solid and well thought through: it’s kept the really useful features from the original Rover and added some useful touches. I love the little zipped side pockets, which are useful for adapters, lens cleaner, iPods, etc. The standard Lowpro tripod system works well, although the bungie cords have a tendancy to snag on hooks, etc. The shoulder and waist straps have been bulked up, making them even more comfortable to wear. “ – By N. Wolff
Rating: ★★★★★

A Photog’s Travel Bag
“The build quality of this bag is astounding. I bought mine in March of 2007 and still shows no signs of wear. The stitching of all the components is done with heavy duty thread. The outer shell is made from something similar to DuPont’s Cordura (if it isn’t actually Cordura). The Velcro pieces are definitely high quality and will last a long time…” – By D. Gallardo
Rating: ★★★★★

Very Good, Except Two Major Design Flaws
“This bag is really comfortable. I recently returned from a week-long photo trip in which I physically wore the bag for at least four hours a day on moderate to strenuous hikes. I have always had a hard time finding backpacks that fit, so I have been surprised at how comfortable this bag actually is. Even when filled to the brim and way overloaded as a carry-on, it was still comfortable. I looked high and low for a bag with a good waist strap and I have been very pleased with how this bag distributes weight. “ – By S. Fischler
Rating: ★★★★☆

Features & Specifications

Lowepro CompuRover AW Features & Specifications

The Lowepro CompuRover AW is a three compartment backpack that carries a digital pro SLR with lens attached, 2-4 additional lenses (up to 80-200 mm), a 17 notebook computer, digital accessories and personal gear. But capacity alone is not what makes the CompuRover AW so amazing. It’s packed with features that every digital Adventure photographer will appreciate: a drop-down tripod holder, cable management bag, removable waist belt, built-in memory card pouch and the patented All Weather Cover¿. It’s more than enough to impress any photographer.

* Large Digital or 35mm Pro SLR with lens attached, 2-4 additional lenses up to 80-200mm f/2.8 and accessories.
* Bottom camera compartment is fully customizable for your SLR or Camcorder system, and is removable so it can be used as a full backpack
* Includes Cable-management system, built-in Digital memory organizer, and built-in tripod holder, as well as SlipLock attachment tabs
* Lowepro’s patented All Weather cover to protect bag and contents from extreme weather, sand, dirt, etc.
* Comfortable and durable contoured shoulder harness and removable waistbelt

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