Lowepro CompuDaypack

Lowepro CompuDaypack is lightweight camera bag to carry a 17″ notebook computer and a DSLR camera with a lens attached (up to a 105mm f/2.8), plus 2-3 additional lenses, flash and accessories. The bag features Countoured shoulder harness and lumbar support with DryFlo Mesh, Three compartments to neatly organize and carry your laptop (up to 17″), digital camera equipment, MP3 player, and personal accessories with NoDrop bottom compartment opens wide for easy access without spilling out any gear and SlipLock attachment tabs to accessorize with camera pouches, lens cases, cell phone pouch and more. The Lowepro CompuDaypack has exterior size 13.8W X 8.5D X 17.5H in./35 X 21.5 X 44.5 cm, Camera Compartment Inner Dimensions: 11.4W X 5.3D X 5.5H in./29 X 13.5 X 14 cm, Notebook Compartment Inner Dimensions: 12.2W X 1.8D X 15.9H in./31 X 4.5 X 40.5 cm, Top Compartment Inner Dimensions: 12.5W X 5.5D X 11.4H in./32 X 14 X 29 cm, and weighs 2.95lbs/1.34kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Lowepro CompuDaypack Expert Reviews

Audioholics reviews the Lowepro CompuDaypack and writes;
“Both bags are very well made and reasonably priced. Despite a few minor complaints, the CompuDaypack is great combo bag for a student or for someone without much gear beyond their notebook computer and SLR camera, flash and spare lenses. I liked this bag and used it more often than the larger CompuRover AW, especially for day-to-day commuting to my office in town.”
rating: N/A

Digitalcamerareview reviews the Lowepro CompuDaypack and writes;
“If you’re looking for a reasonably priced notebook/camera backpack, you should definitely take a look at the Lowepro CompuDaypack. It can handle a notebook and camera load perfectly in a slim size that will fit easily under an airplane seat. The high quality products from Lowepro are backed up with their limited lifetime warranty.”
rating: N/A

User Opinions

Lowepro CompuDaypack User Reviews

now its my daily computer bag
“I have owned this for a year and still use it daily. The quality is first rate and all of the compartments are easily accesable. Best for smaller SLRs with out a extra grip. My Nikon D80 with an 18-200 VR lens just barely fits but I can still carry two other lenses, a flash, and the extra grip off the camera. It does not look like a camera bag and allows me to always have my camera near by. Great bag for daily use but to small if you are looking for a travel bag and you have a larger Camera kit. For the price it is an increadable bargan! “ – By B. Tkacs
Rating: ★★★★★

Just what I was looking for
“I love this bag! I wanted a bag to do it all and this fits the bill to a “T”. The bag itself is very light weight (a bonus when toting a camera, laptop, wallet and other gear) but seems durable. Another plus, the bag is not huge. I looked at other camera and laptop backpacks and they were just too big for me at 5′ tall. “ – By C. Scarpitti
Rating: ★★★★★

Great Protection for Your Equipment
“….This compact pack meets the size limitations for air travel, and is a good option for light travel, or if you don’t have a large amount of camera gear. It is well-built, but not designed for heavy duty use or hiking. You would be well advised to try it before you buy it. If you want one, the price has dropped, so shop around and you might find yourself a deal.” – By trebe
Rating: ★★★★☆

Best Backpack I’ve Ever Owned – Nearly Perfect
“This bag has absolutely superior build quality. I use it for travel and for daily treks to work and it looks as new as the day I bought it almost two years ago, even with near daily abuse in all kinds of weather conditions. For being relatively compact, it holds a lot of gear in very smartly arranged pockets and compartments. The compact factor is a huge plus as it will actually fit under the seat in front of you on most commercial aircraft! Tons of pockets and compartments so everything has it’s own place and keeps everything nice and organized. Even with all your camera gear packed up, it is still big enough to swallow a 17″ notebook computer. Just be sure to remove the extra padded insert at the bottom of the note book area to ensure proper fit of larger laptops.” – By Alan Taylor
Rating: ★★★★★

Well Made
“The camera storage area is smaller than I was expecting. It’s a tight fit for my D40 with extra lens and battery charger. This is my fault. I should have seen this bag in person before ordering. I had hoped to also carry my old Minolta SRT-101 but it won’t fit. The bag is very well made and I will figure out a way to use it. Probably will carry the battery charger and other items in the other storage area. Overall I’m pretty happy. Nice bag. “ – By W. Carter
Rating: ★★★★☆

Excellent Daypack for Laptop and Camera
“This daypack almost perfectly suits my traveling needs when it comes to carrying my Canon XSi, as well as a laptop computer. While the camera space is somewhat limited, it fits my Canon XSi with extra 55-250mm lens, and a couple of smaller items such as cables and manual. My 15inch powerbook also seems secure enough. The upper compartment could maybe be a little bit larger, document folders just barely fit with some folding in. But overall, this is a very compact, very light yet sturdy daypack. And it fits comfortably enough to take it on multi-hour hikes. “ – By lox15
Rating: ★★★★★

It Works for Me- multi-camera bag
“This is my second bag for my camera gear and it is the more versatile of my bags.
In a pinch, it will hold both my Canon Power Shot S3SI and my Olympus E520 w 14-42 mm lens attached, and 35 mm macro. Too, it holds my MacBook & Kindle as well as misc cord/ batteries & personal items. I Normally pack it with the Olympus and related gear, & the Macbook (leaving the canon at home). It comfortably holds all that for a day trip excursion. As i said, It works for me. “
– By John S. Mclaughlin
Rating: ★★★★☆

Excellent for DSLR
“Have been using it for D5000 for about a month. Fits body, 3lenses in the camera case and a 15″ laptop. Other accessories like battery chargers, portable hard disk etc and the MP3 player pouch is cool.Has lot of small zipped pouches in the top compartment that helps you keep your memory cards etc sorted. Comfy on the back. Very sturdy. Color combination was also cool.” – By Kiran
Rating: ★★★★☆

fantastic pack
“I bought this pack because I’m planning a trip to England in a few months, and I have to have something to carry my SLR camera, lenses, and laptop on the plane. This pack is perfect. It has plenty of room for the camera body with one lens attached in the lower compartment, plus space for the other two lenses. The camera/lens compartment is very well-padded, and to my happy surprise the padding is removable (it attaches with strong Velcro, so it won’t come loose unless you intentionally remove it). That’s made it perfect for daily use too – I remove the camera padding and carry it to work like a regular pack. It’s very roomy and I can get my Daytimer plus all the other stuff I can’t survive the day without in it, and still have room to spare. “ – By B. Brittain
Rating: ★★★★★

Features & Specifications

Lowepro CompuDaypack Features & Specifications

The Lowepro CompuDaypack (Slate Gray) is a lightweight yet spacious backpack made to carry and protect a 17″ notebook computer and files and a digital SLR camera with a lens attached (up to a 105mm f/2.8), plus 2-3 additional lenses, flash and accessories. The pack is made from water-resistant 840 and 600 denier ripstop nylon with high-density, closed-cell foam interior. There is a padded rear notebook computer compartment that protects the computer against sudden impacts, a padded camera compartment with adjustable dividers that protects the camera body and lenses from impact and a top accessory compartment that provides quick, organized access to personal and digital accessories. A No Drop gusset keeps the backpack upright.

The CompuDaypack has an audio player pocket on the front that provides quick access and LCD screen protection for an iPod or similar size audio players. There are also a see-through laminated-mesh pockets that easily locate accessories without opening a pocket, an organizer pockets in the top compartment, quick access side pockets and a large accessory pocket in the front flap. A headphone port provides both headphone cord management and audio player protection while in use. The pack Uses attachment loops for optional SlipLock add-on accessories. It is carried by a padded carrying handle or a contoured, shoulder harness with DryFlo that provides ergonomic comfort and support with breathable back and shoulder pads.

* Water-resistant 840 and 600 denier ripstop nylon High-density closed-cell foam Zipper closure

On Board
Meets current FAA specifications for carry-on luggage

* Padded rear notebook computer compartment protects computer against sudden impacts
* Padded camera compartment with adjustable dividers protects a camera body and lenses from impact
* Top accessory compartment provides quick, organized access to personal and digital accessories

• No Drop gusset to keep the backpack upright

* Audio player pocket on front provides quick access and LCD screen protection for iPod or similar sized audio players
* See-through laminated-mesh pockets easily locate accessories without opening a pocket
* Organizer pockets in top compartment
* Quick access side pockets
* Large accessory pocket in front flap

• Headphone port provides both headphone cord management and audio player protection while in use

• Uses attachment loops for optional SlipLock add-on accessories

Carrying options
* Padded carrying handle
* Contoured, shoulder harness with DryFlo provides ergonomic comfort and support with breathable back and shoulder pads
* Channel ventilated back pad

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