Lowepro CompuDaypack – Review @ DigitalCameraReview

DigitalCameraReview’s Ben has written a brief review of the Lowepro CompuDaypack, a lightweight yet spacious backpack for a notebook model (fits most 17″models) and a digital SLR with lens attached up to a 105mm f/2.8), plus 2-3 additional lenses or flash units.


“The Lowepro CompuDaypack handles all of that extremely well. It’s by no means a light load, but the backpack handles it very well. I don’t have to walk far or leave it on my back very long, but I have worn it for a couple hours at a time with a similar load. The backpack remained very comfortable. PROS: Excellent quality, Holds a lot, but is not too bulky, Good padding for notebook and camera equipment. CONS: Single zipper on top compartment, No extra sleeve to secure smaller notebooks in the larger notebook compartment”

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