Lomography Launches ‘Beluga’ and ‘Czar’

Lomography has launched two new camera, they are ‘Beluga’ and ‘Czar’ camera that offers a gold-tone designs and metallic body and come packaged in a wooden La Sardina box. The cameras equipped with a matching ‘Fritz the Blitz’ flash includes a special-edition book entitled ‘The Caviar Diaries’ written by renowned community member Wil6ka that chronicling the adventures of Lomographer wil6ka as he searches for the origins place where caviar is produced. This camera offers mindblowing wide-angle lens, dual winding knobs for easy multiple exposures, and bulb mode for beautiful long exposures.

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  1. Joey G. says:

    I really like this new lomo. I espcially dig the bulb mode for long exposures I have been waiting for a Lomo with this setting. Thanks!

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