Lightright: Professional Reflector System

LIGHTRIGHT reflector systems are now commercially available and provide precise light control and instant retouching to photographic and video subjects. Package contains five magnetically adjustable reflectors in various sizes. All reflectors have two reversible panels—from sliver, to white. Larger reflective surfaces can be flexed to concentrate or spread reflected light.


LIGHTRIGHT tabletop systems are ready for use right out of the box. Reflecting surfaces are fine-tuned by adjusting the patented magnetic control systems to optimal reflective angles. LIGHTRIGHT systems can be used with flash, tungsten, fluorescent, daylight, and may even eliminate the need for purchasing extra lighting equipment. No assembly required.

Lighting adjustments are instantly accomplished by simply sliding the magnetic contact strips to desired angle of reflectance. Non-magnetic LIGHTRIGHT reflectors are also included and are adjusted using a tab-and-slot control system. Original LIGHTRIGHT systems have been in use for over 12 (twelve) years and are still performing. Color lighting effects may be accomplished by laying gels over the reflective surfaces.

For additional information visit Information includes time lapse movies showing light control, FAQs (frequently ask questions), and sample effects.

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