LG KG920 – 5 Megapixel Multimedia Phone Reviews & Samples

ReviewZine has reviews and some sample images of the LG KG920, a 5 megapixel tri band/GSM multimedia phone featuring twisting keypad, auto focus and flash, MiniSD card slot, and a lens cover for the camera.


>> LG KG920 Review Roundup & Sample Images

3 Responses to “LG KG920 – 5 Megapixel Multimedia Phone Reviews & Samples”

  1. mohammedjamalpasha says:

    hi this mobile is excellent 5megapixel camera

  2. Sun says:

    1) it does not work in Windows vista and there are no drivers or firmware updates for it.
    2) Support persons are completely useless. they are just clue less about it. Idiots!
    3) Phone wont let u use its internal memory. Only the external memory.Which is VERY slow.
    4) This phone has more of HAVE NOTS rather than HAVEs
    5) Still a long way to go for LG to make a really usable and user friendly phone.
    6) Complete wastage of money.

  3. praksh says:

    abe kya likha hai sale

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