Lexmark Interact S605

Lexmark Interact S605 is a Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer features Print Resolution Color Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, Black Up to 2400 x 1200 dpi, Print Speed Black 33 ppm, Color 30 ppm, Max. Copy Speed Black 25cpm, Color 21cpm, Scan Resolution 1200 x 2400 dpi, Borderless Printing Media Sizes: 4″ x 6″, A4, Letter, A6, Hagaki Card, L, 2L, A5, 5″ x 7″, Legal, 3.5″ x 5″ or 89 mm x 127 mm, 10 x 15 cm, 13 x 18 cm, B5, 10 x 20 cm, 4″ x 8″. The Lexmark Interact S605 measures 7.0 x 20.24 x 14.09 in (H x W x D) and weighs 7.5 kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Lexmark Interact S605 Reviews

Trustedreviews reviews the Lexmark Interact S605 and writes;
“This is a good, well featured all-in-one printer, whose touchscreen control has plenty of promise. As the SmartSolutions library grows, it could become a valuable extension to the functions available on this and other Lexmark printers supporting it. This gives the S605 tangible benefits, even if the rest of the machine offers very similar features and performance to other printers in the range.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Techradar reviews the Lexmark Interact S605 and writes;
“The feature-packed S605 combines impressive print quality with a good turn of speed and low running costs, and it’s even fun to use, which you can’t say about most printers. On top of that, the average online purchase price has also now dropped to about half the launch price, making it a real bargain.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Computershopper reviews the Lexmark Interact S605 and writes;
“Anyone with typical home-office printing needs would do well to check out the Interact S605. It’s easy to operate, comes with some nice features, and is fast enough to beat most of its competition. We would have liked the option to connect by Ethernet, and we would have liked to have seen better-quality photo prints at larger sizes. Also, it would have been great if we could have downloaded SmartSolutions apps directly to the printer, but, in all, we count this as a solid AIO model that’s a good value.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

CNET reviews the Lexmark Interact S605 and writes;
“Horsepower aside, photos printed on the Lexmark S605 are severely lacking in quality. Similar to the Pro905, which also uses Vizix ink, the Interact S605 puts out excellent quality black text prints that rival many of the monochrome laser printers that we’ve tested, but we remain dissatisfied with the emerging photo snapshot and color graphic documents. Prints suffer from jagged edges and smearing that ultimately create an inferior snapshot, not to mention that the color photos look inferior compared to the original. As long as you aren’t expecting photo kiosk-quality snapshots, the Interact S605 remains a worthwhile purchase.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

User Opinions

Lexmark Interact S605 User Reviews

“Everything they say it is and more. Had HP6380 for last year but couldn’t print a half fold envelope (5 3/4 X 8 3/4″) without a lot of hassle. After one call to Lexmark this is very easy to do on the S605. I found Lexmark’s techs very easy to reach and they know their product. The printer is very quiet. The ink is very reasonable and the print quality is excellent. Although I’ve only had to use their tech. support once, the fact that it is free for life is very important. The quality of this printer is much superior to the Lexmark products I’ve used in the past.” – by sugar
Rating: ★★★★★

I really like this printer
“I really like this printer. It has a great interface and I love it that I have so many controls from my computer/printer itself. I haven’t had it long enough to know about ink use yet. I use it for a small business and I have a laptop that I move from place to place. It does sometimes requires that I turn the printer off in order to find me again. It’s been working good though.” – by Lkbeard
Rating: ★★★★★

Love it so far
“..Reading through the set up, you can load digital camera cards into the front and print them off from there, you can scan items and have them converted into an email, or insert them into a report or auto save it, all kinds of neat tricks this baby is supposed to be able to do. I HIGHLY recommend this printer. I’ve just started with it, but I suspect it’s going to keep me very happy, as far as tech things go. I’m not the most tech savvy guy, so I truly love this thing. Buy it, you won’t regret it.” – by Vijabe
Rating: ★★★★★

Reliable and good page cost and yield when used with the 100XL Cartridges
“I have had my Lexmark S605 at home for over six now and have used it daily for printing text, coupons, photos and a few times weekly for scanning photos and documents. This printer has a bright 4.3 inch touchscreen panel used for both display and selections. It is easy to view and use and replaces the paper dust collecting buttons on my older AIO. The screen also provides information on printer physical and network installation during setup.” – by NC Ric
Rating: ★★★★★

Wireless and loving it
“When I read about this product my main concern was its construction. I was afraid it would be cheaply made because of its low price. I was happy to see that the product is solid and does everything it says it can. The touch screen is bright and crystal clear. The setup takes a little time but it is all done per easy instruction. I am beyond satisfied with this purchase and I would recommend it if asked. “ – by Doug
Rating: ★★★★★

Easy and attractive
“This is a very attractive printer. It has a large touch screen on the front that looks a lot like an iPhone and a couple of large, hidden buttons that light up when available. The overall look is gloss black, and just looks great sitting on a desk or shelf… I printed out several large, color graphics and they all look vibrant, crisp, and clear. No wrinkling of the paper (which can happen if too much ink is sprayed out.) The individually replaceable cartridges is nice to see because the entire thing doesn’t have to be replaced whenever an individual color runs out. The large, flat bed scanner on top also works well, and can email you with the results in PDF or jpg format. That’s pretty cool! “ – by Sean P. Logue
Rating: ★★★★★

Wow, the new technology on this touch-screen printer/scanner/email
“Overall, we loved this new touchscreen printer and have highlighted the great new features and what you might expect, but not present on this model. I believe it is very well thought out and we have been using this for about a month now and love it.” – by Sincerely Yours
Rating: ★★★★★

Stove top, fridge, computer, printer
“..The last icon on the LCD control panel is Smart Solutions. It comes with a few smart solutions on it to begin with, I.D. card copy and photo reprint. But in order to get the full features of smart solutions you need to go and create an account at the Lexmark website. This is easy to do. You can either click on the link that the software provided on your computer under Lexmark or on the LCD panel under the smart solutions icon then click on more options. There’s a link there that will send your browser to the smart solution page. The only other one I added to my smart solution was the MSNBC link, but there are quite a few to choose from. There are even smart solutions that you can customize for copying and scanning..” – by Susan
Rating: ★★★★★

Lexmark did it again. For an inkjet it is right on the money
“…I’m glad I have this, and am already looking forward to being able to print T-Shirts, with the iron ons for fun, and cards, photos etc. I also like the idea of having a scanner handy. The only thing is that I wish I had gotten the one with the 4 way that does faxes as well. Overall a nice machine with tons of features not normally found in a printer and I also have to say that my 10 year old X83’s never failed, so I am expecting a long life out of the S605 as well. From one Lexmark fan to another, buy it.” – by Bob Feeser
Rating: ★★★★★

105XL can work in the S605
“The 105XL cartridge can be modified to work with the S605. The 100, 100XL and 105XL are all the SAME physical cartridge, just with different size ink fills. The 105XL physically fits into the S605 with no modification. When installed, the printer says “unsupported ink cartridge.” How does it know, seeing as it’s just an ink well and not a print head? Under the label at the top is an RFID chip. All you have to do is swap the chip with an 100 or 100XL cartridge and the 105XL will work in your S605 printer. Happy printing!” – by M. Walters
Rating: ★★★★☆


Lexmark Interact S605 Brochure & User Guide

Lexmark Interact S605 Brochure
Lexmark Interact S605 User Guide

Features & Specifications

Lexmark Interact S605 Features

The Lexmark Interact S605 Wireless 3-in-1 with Web-connected Touchscreen meets all your printing, copying, and scanning needs. This multifunction unit has an elegant touch screen designed to streamline work flow and offers the freedom of Wireless N connectivity. And thanks to its Energy Star rating and high-grade, color ink cartridges, you’ll get professional quality output and help the environment at the same time.

Touch the Future with myTouch

The Lexmark Interact S605 Wireless 3-in-1 is an all-in-one powerhouse with a new friendly face–a 4.3-inch customizable myTouch Web-connected display that walks you through your print job with vivid icons you can personalize online. Its user-friendly interface and advanced technology can keep your business connected and running smoothly. You can scan, copy, or email at the touch of a button. And if you or someone you know uses a photo sharing website, you can use the myTouch to download, edit, and print photos directly from the site.

Save Time with SmartSolutions
The Interact S605 features Lexmark’s SmartSolutions, a time-saving program that allows you to create touch-screen shortcuts to common tasks, so you can initiate printing, scanning, copying, and more in a few simple taps. For instance, you can use SmartSolutions to create a shortcut for regularly scanning documents to e-mail or sending a document to the copier. With one touch, you can complete a job that would normally take minutes in just a few seconds.

Shortcuts to other convenient applications, such as a calendar and newsfeed, will keep you up-to-date, while direct Web access lets you view your favorite photo-sharing sites and look up the weather–all directly from your printer.

Tomorrow’s Wireless Technology Today
With the Interact S605, you can print from wherever you want without being confined to the printer’s location. A fast and easy wireless installation allows multiple users to print from virtually anywhere in the home or office1. Wherever you have a signal, you can print.

The printer’s WiFi-n connection also provides up to three times the coverage of traditional wireless networks, and its quick transfer speeds ensure that your print jobs will always get through.

Superior Results in Less Time
This device features print speeds of up to 33 PPM (black) and 30 PPM (color)2, in addition to thermal inkjet technology to provide outstanding printing resolution of up to 2400 x 1200 DPI (black) and 4800 x 1200 DPI (color). The flatbed scanner offers an optical scan resolution of 1200 x 2400 DPI.

With super fast print speeds of up to 33ppm (pages per minute) in black and 30ppm in color, you’ll save time and boost productivity. There’s no waiting for 4×6 photos, either–they print in just 24 seconds3.

Manage Photos Without a PC
The Interact S605 makes it easy to manage your photos with card slots and Pictbridge technology. Print photos and files directly from memory cards, digital cameras, and portable memory devices–no PC required.

Better Ink for Supreme Results
To ensure crisp, highlighter resistant mono text, vivid, razor sharp images, and bold colors, the Interact S605 uses Lexmark’s patented Vizix ink cartridges, engineered for intense ink-droplet precision. And because this unit takes individual cartridges, you only have to replace the colors you need, which helps you save money and cut down on waste.

Go Green Automatically
The Interact S605 is Energy Star rated, which means it meets rigorous requirements for energy set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. And because it uses less energy, it can help lower your utility bills so you save money.

To reduce paper usage by up to 50-percent and save 8-percent on energy costs, the Interact S605 also offers one-touch automatic two-sided printing4 and an energy-saving eco mode that’s accessible with the touch of a button.

Warranty Information
The Interact S605 is backed by an industry leading three-year warranty (registration within 90 days required).

What’s in the Box
Lexmark S605 printer; printhead; black, cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges; quick setup sheet; quick reference guide; networking guide; power supply and cord; USB cable; service information; and warranty card.

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