Last update: Firmware Update V. 2.0 (added on 17 June’07)

Leica DIGILUX 3 is the first purely digital Leica mirror reflex system camera with exchangeable lenses (DSLR) featuring 7.5 million effective pixel, Image Stabilization, ultrasonic protective filter to protect the camera with its exchangeable lenses against the dreaded dirt on the image sensor due to penetration of dirt and dust particles, and a 2.5″ LCD Screen which has a resolution of 207,000 pixels. The LEICA DIGILUX 3 is supplied with a 1 GB SD card, a mains battery charger, a powerful rechargeable battery and a comprehensive software package (Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 (PC)/3.0 (Mac), Quicktime Movie Player ).

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

>> REVIEWS (last updated: 04.05.07)

PhotographyReview reviews the Leica DIGILUX 3 and writes;
“Right out of the box, the Leica Digilux 3’s image quality is terrific. Auto exposure delivers natural color with strong saturation, good skin tones, and good shadow detail with minimal digital noise….The Leica Digilux 3 is a superbly built, technologically advanced, single-lens reflex camera with anti-shake technology, auto focus, and a full range of exposure controls. Its sharp, image-stabilized, zoom lens, live preview functions, integrated flash, and bright LCD display offer real photographic benefits. The Digilux 3 is a capable camera for sports, macro photography, portraits, and candid photos.”
Rating: N/A

PhotoReviewAU reviews the Leica DIGILUX 3 and writes;
“Performance-wise there’s a lot to like about the Digimax 3 – especially if you’re keen on portraiture. The subtle colours and tonality provide a completely different look to shots from most other cameras. However, it’s a pity Leica didn’t seek some design advice from Olympus instead of Panasonic. The result may have been a camera that was more comfortable to use – without compromising on the nice traditional touches that make the Digilux 3 (and its Panasonic cousin) so engaging. The AU$3800 price tag is a big ‘ask’ for potential buyers, fast Leica lens notwithstanding. How it compares with 10-megapixel DSLRs from Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony at around half the price is something individual buyers must decide for themselves.”
Rating: ★★★★½

>> SAMPLE PHOTOS (last updated: 04.05.07)

Leica DIGILUX 3 Sample Photos @ PhotographyReview
Leica DIGILUX 3 Sample Photos @ Pbase
Leica DIGILUX 3 Sample Photos @ Leica


– Download Leica DIGILUX 3 User Manual

>> FIRMWARES (last updated: 17.06.07)

– The firmware version 2.0 provides you with a number of improvements concerning both performance and handling.

The optimizations are in the following areas:
* An additional function for multiple exposures.
* A third OIS mode (MODE 3) enabling the user to employ the „panning” technique.
* A mode that considerably improves the visibility of the monitor image when the camera is held below eye level.
* The aperture value can now be set more easily in the case of lenses (of other makes) that do not have aperture setting rings.
* White balance (WB), color temperature, ISO-speed, and the flash mode can now be set with the cursor buttons as well as with the main setting dial. Confirming the settings is no longer limited in time.
* Auto Review now also includes a mode without a time limit.
* It is now possible to scroll to the other images even when the one being displayed is enlarged (with the zoom function).
* The firmware version can now be displayed using the setup menu.

– Download Leica DIGILUX 3 firmware V.2.0 for Windows
– Download Leica DIGILUX 3 firmware V.2.0 for Mac
– Download Install Instruction


LEICA DIGILUX 3 The digital system camera with traditional operating concept for individualists

Leica Camera AG, Solms is exhibiting the new LEICA DIGILUX 3 at photokina in Cologne (26th September to 1st October 2006). The LEICA DIGILUX 3 is the first purely digital Leica mirror reflex system camera with exchangeable lenses, thereby opening up a third variety of free-standing camera system under the Leica name. As the first model of the new Leica D system, the LEICA DIGILUX 3 is fitted with a bayonet lens to the FourThirds Standard, the open systems standard for digital mirror reflex cameras. Together with the high-performance LEICA D VARIO–ELMARIT 2.8-3.5/14-50 mm ASPH exchangeable lens with a focal length range of 28 to 100 millimetres for the small picture system, this offers the photographer many possibilities for composition of individual pictures.

An integral picture stabiliser gives the user additional protection against camera shake, even under difficult lighting conditions. In the design and operating concept the LEICA DIGILUX 3 continues the concept of the Leica Digilux series: modern digital technology and an analog operating concept are combined in a classic camera body. The Berlin designer Professor Achim Heine is responsible for the clear modular design of the digital camera. Traditional operating elements such as an exposure ring on the camera and manual setting rings for aperture, zoom and focussing at the lens allow the LEICA DIGILUX 3 to be operated like an analog camera model, thus granting the creative freedom to work in the style of traditional photography.

“The LEICA DIGILUX 3 sets a new standard in the digital mirror reflex camera segment: traditional operating controls and highly modern technical equipment are united with classical values such as precision, outstanding picture quality and a clear formal language; offering in addition the creative freedom of a digital system camera. This makes it the ideal tool for demanding reportage photography“ says Marius Eschweiler, Product Manager for digital compact cameras at Leica Camera AG.

The LEICA D VARIO–ELMARIT 2.8-3.5/14-50mm ASPH exchangeable lens comprises 16 lenses including three aspherical lenses in twelve groups. The maximum aperture of 2.8 and the large focal length range from 28 to 100 millimetres in small picture format impose hardly any restrictions on the possibilities for photographic composition. The high-performance optics give impressive reproduction of even the finest details and nuances, with minimal distortion and vignetting even at the shortest focal lengths. Further security for a successful picture is derived from the integral protection against camera shake (O.I.S.), which can be switched on and off at any time. This reliably protects against camera shake in all photographic situations, since small movements of the hand are systematically compensated. Whether at twilight, during indoor shots, for snapshots or in zoom operation – the result is always a sharp picture without the need for a tripod. “With the LEICA D VARIO–ELMARIT 2.8-3.5/14-50mm ASPH, a wider target group of digital photographers can profit from the unique performance level of Leica lens technology. The combination of the most modern digital technology such as optical picture stabilisation and a quick and precise auto-focus with the well-known outstanding Leica reproduction performance is almost revolutionary” says Marius Eschweiler.

The LEICA DIGILUX 3 is equipped with a 7.5 megapixel LiveMOS sensor for a real-time live photo function, outstanding picture quality and energy-saving operating system. To protect the camera with its exchangeable lenses against the dreaded dirt on the image sensor due to penetration of dirt and dust particles, it is fitted with an ultrasonic protective filter in front of the sensor. The picture signal processor of the LEICA DIGILUX 3 is also improved compared to the preceding model. The interaction of new sensor technology and the new picture signal processor ensure even faster image processing and storage within the camera, which is less of a drain on the rechargeable battery. Thus the LEICA DIGILUX 3 is quick and reliable in use, even in spontaneous moments.

In relation to colour matching, contrast and picture definition, Leica Camera AG has developed its own profile. This is oriented to the picture characteristics that are well known to Leica System Camera customers from their use in combination with professional film materials and specialist development laboratories.

The large 2.5“ camera display of the LEICA DIGILUX 3 has a resolution of 207,000 pixels, enabling it to generate an exceptionally brilliant picture, allowing the photographer to make a reliable and exact assessment of the picture composition both when taking the photo and when reviewing it.

The LEICA DIGILUX 3 is characterised by its clear and concentrated design. The straight-line layout and paring down to the essentials show the camera’s typical Leica lineage from the classic Leica viewfinder camera. The LEICA DIGILUX 3 offers clear functions and is intuitive and secure in use, thanks to its simple operating concept.

The LEICA DIGILUX 3 is supplied with a 1 GB SD card, a mains battery charger, a powerful rechargeable battery and a comprehensive software package (Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 (PC)/3.0 (Mac), Quicktime Movie Player ). Further accessories available include a spare rechargeable battery, a sporty and particularly hard-wearing neoprene case and a Billingham combination case.

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  1. Ray Masse says:

    Since I’ve been using this camera, I just got the real life pictures I always got from a film camera: the clear beauty of skin, the real sense of natural light. Just ask my partner who (did not) really bothered me to take photographs of… The sheer beauty of her smile, the colour renditions, the very natural contrast you can get from a Portrat film … Wow! This camera will be with me all the time. I’ll go with it on streets, fields, nature and anywhere else. Is it because of the lense, or the sensor ? I do not know. It almost replaced my Leica M6. What else could I say? For digital experience, Leica took care (I believe) to give the same kind of proper contrast you can get from a film. After twenty years of photography, I thought digital medium would kill me. The Digilux 3 sent me a different message ! Thank you Leica and Panasonic …

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