Konica Minolta Free Repair Service

Konica Minolta have recently discovered that some of its digital cameras may show the following symptom after not being used for a long time. When you take the initial photo, “Err” is displayed in the finder and the image turns black or dark blue. In most cases, “Err” can be cancelled by turning the main switch again and then photos can be taken normally.

Konica Minolta Dynax 5D

The following products may be affected:


Konica Minolta will repair free of charge for the products exhibiting the above-mentioned symptom. (Repairs of products which feature other defects shall be carried out as specified in our warranty.)

Please contact your regional service facility for further assistance.

For more information on contact details visit:

Source: Konica Minolta Press Release

3 Responses to “Konica Minolta Free Repair Service”

  1. A dimage z10 was given to me. my question is is there any upgrades your company can do on this camera? thank you curt

  2. bruce clem says:

    I have a Konicaminolta 5D camera that has the First Black Frame Issue, and they were suppose to fix it for free, I took it to my camera store (RitzCamera) where I bought it , they sent it out to Sony to get the free fix, but they sent it back saying they wouldn’t honor the free fix, they said it would cost 400 dollars.. wow.. any suggestions as to how I can get this camera fixed for FREE ???? Hopefully, you folks can help me get it fixed .. Thanks, Bruce Clem

  3. Abdul karim Mansaray says:

    Hi all,

    I had a konica minolta z5 camera that my bro. gave me. my prob. is whem ever a took a shot at normal mode the pics. are having lines in blue colour. even when i connect it to my laptop its gives the smae thing.

    Can any one be my saviour am really stress an d feedup or is it a settings problem.

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