Konica Minolta AF DT 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6

The Konica Minolta AF DT 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 features 18-70mm at focal length with maximum aperture of f/3.5-5.6. The lens construction has 11 elements in 9 groups and has diagonal angle of view at 76°-23°. Closest focusing distance at 1.2feet and has a filter size of 55mm. The Konica Minolta AF DT 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 lens weighs 8.5 ounces and it measures 2.6 inches in diameter and 3.0 inches long.

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Konica Minolta AF DT 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 User Reviews

for the price, it is great, | Rating: ★★★★★
“Still a long way from your ideal lens, but for sixty five dollars I have no complaints. No purple fringing, smooth and solid feeling. You just use it and it never gives any trouble. I sure wish for larger apetrures, and more zoom, but I knew I would when I bought it. I am happy with the wide angle end, though. You never realize how many shots you miss till you get a lens that has a larger field of view. If I had to choose, I’d prefer that to a big zoom, the need for it comes up a lot more often.” – by Lowell Peavy

Konica Minolta 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 Digital Zoom Lens for 5D and 7D Digital SLR Cameras, | Rating: ★★★★★
“I have been very pleased with this lens: the low price, light weight, and sharp images are all this long time Minolta user could ask for.” – by Ralph R. Flaugher

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Konica Minolta AF DT 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 Reviews

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Konica Minolta AF DT 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Konica Minolta AF DT 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 Specifications

Konica Minolta’s line of digital-specific lenses are here, and they offer more performance and more ease of use than ever–thanks to a design that is specifically suited to the needs of digital SLR shooters. Compatible with the Maxxum 5D and 7D cameras, DT series lenses have been developed to maximize the performance of the larger (23.5 x 15.7mm) CCDs found in these cameras. The lenses offer outstanding edge-to-edge sharpness and clarity, while offering full compatibility with the Maxxum 5D/7D anti-shake system. Plus, they support Advanced Distance Integration (ADI) for more robust flash metering.

Optical enhancements include aspherical lenses to reduce spherical aberrations, AD (anomalous dispersion) glass, and a special lens coating that reduces the flaring that often occurs in digital SLR cameras. DT series lenses also incorporate an anti-shake correction system that compensates for blur in a manner that is equivalent to two or three shutter speeds slower. Meanwhile, a built-in distance encoder enables precise ADI flash metering. Using information obtained from the encoder, ADI flash metering calculates the optimum exposure settings and flash brightness needed to obtain a beautiful image when using either the internal flash or compatible external flash units.

Another great feature of DT series lenses is their use of a consistently round aperture. Konica Minolta’s specially-designed aperture blades produce a circular opening to help smooth a scene’s out-of-focus areas. A round aperture makes it possible to enhance a defocused image with smooth gradations and depict a scene naturally, for example, sunshine filtering through foliage or grass glistening with morning dew.

The 18-70mm DT lens is an all-purpose lens with a zoom range that extends from wide-angle to telephoto-portrait, making it a great lens for general purpose photography. Note that DT series lenses are not compatible with conventional 35mm SLR cameras.

What’s in the Box
Lens, front cap, rear cap, lens hood.

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