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Kodak V705 is a 7.1 million effective pixels point-and-shoot Dual Lens digital camera featuring Ultra wide: 23mm fixed (35mm equiv) F2.8, 3x optical zoom: 39-117mm (35mm equiv) F3.9-4.4, and 2.5″ LCD Screen. The camera is measuring in at 101 x 49.8 x 20.4 mm (4 x 2 x 0.8 in), weighing 124 g (4.4 oz) and running on Kodak Lithium-ion rechargeable battery KLIC-7001.


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Steve’sDigicams reviews the Kodak V705 and concludes;
“Bottom line – With a street price of $250 or less, the Kodak Easyshare V705 is a very stylish digital package for anyone wanting point-n-shoot simplicity and it’s easy to carry. With its 23mm ulta-wide-angle lens, along with a 5X zoom, 22 scene modes, and Kodak’s PERFECT TOUCH and Anti-blur Technologies the V705 provides an appealing package. Since this camera is part of the Kodak Easyshare System you can easily edit your pics with the included software, share them over the Internet, or dock with an Easyshare printer and print your photos with ease. “

CamerasUK reviews the Kodak V705 and concludes;
“The indoor portrait is a success. In this photo the camera manages to produce a high level of focusing in challenging conditions. It has also managed to avoid red eye in my test shot….Once again I think Kodak are trying to break new ground with the Easyshare V705. It may not be the very best when it comes to picture quality, but when you take into account the fast shutter response, ease of use and a wide angle lens I think it is well worth considering. “

ePhotozine reviews the Kodak V705 (8/10) and concludes;
“The addition of the wide-angle lens as a second lens on the camera is a system that works flawlessly and requires no conscious thought from the user. It really gives the V705 a USP that works just as well for the expected landscape applications as it does for interior scenes with people. It’s a great, and creative option to have. The rest of the camera works speedily and is efficient at what it does, making use very simple for anyone looking to pick it up and shoot. And despite not having the more advanced photography modes, it does feature exposure compensation and scene modes that work well. On top of that, the V705 looks very stylish, if not particularly subtle, with it’s brick-like shape and retro chrome-work. While the flash is underwhelming, the ease of use and wide-angle lens are great selling points and make the camera a great option for carrying around in a pocket.”

DigitalCameraInfo have reviewed the Kodak V705 and conclude;
“With its fabulous looks, clean lines, and ultra-convenient thin and flat housing, we had high hopes for the 7.1-megapixel Kodak EasyShare V705. It has a 2.5-inch LCD screen with great resolution and a wide viewing angle. It’s very easy to use and in theory makes the perfect camera for a point-and-shooter. The V705 has 22 scene modes and limited manual control. Better yet, it has an interesting dual lens system. Kodak claims that it adds up to a 5x optical zoom, but that’s a stretch. The camera really has two separate lenses – one a very wide 23mm lens and the other a 3x, 39-117mm lens. There is a big jump between 23mm and 39mm, and it is noticeable and abrupt in the live view (or recorded in movies). When all is said and done, the farthest the lens system can reach is 117mm, which isn’t as far as some other manufacturers’ 3x lenses. The Kodak EasyShare V705 would be a good camera for someone who only shoots outdoors in sunny conditions; the limited aperture range requires lots of light and its auto focus struggles in darker conditions. For anything else, though, the Kodak V705 will be a disappointment. Many pictures taken indoors and in imperfect light looked blurry, had horribly unrealistic colors, and were subjected to the awful built-in flash. So while the Kodak V705 has plenty of good looks on the outside, its pictures weren’t nearly as beautiful. “

CNET Asia have reviewed the Kodak V705 where they rate the camera 6.8/10 and write;
“As with other Kodak cameras, the colors in our pictures turned out nicely saturated. Our shots were free from noise between ISO 50 and 200, but at ISO 400 we noticed some loss of details due to noise. Image quality dropped even further at ISO 800 where we lost color and found blotches of discoloration. Pictures at ISO 1,000 exhibited similar, but more severe defects. We won’t recommend shooting beyond ISO 400..”

PCMag have reviewed the Kodak V705 where they rate the camera 3/5 and write;
“Since this camera has two lenses, I tested both. The wide-angle lens, because it has a 35mm equivalent of a23mm zoom, does indeed show some distortion. Both ends of the zoom lens’s equivalent of a 39-to-117mm range have a touch of distortion—barrel at the low end and pincushion at the high end—but it isn’t major. Although the Kodak V705 certainly boasts some good qualities, there are better options out there. If you’re looking for a wide-angle point-and-shoot, you should check out the 8MP Canon PowerShot S80, which is more expensive, but has a 28mm-100mm zoom and outstanding picture quality.”

PopPhoto have reviewed the Kodak V705 and write;
“Overall, for the price and feature set, the EasyShare V705 is a well-mannered camera that has some useful and interesting features. The V705 has the rock-solid feel of a much more expensive camera, but at a fraction of the price, and the super-wide angle abilities place the V705 head and shoulders above most of its competition. Throw in the video editing, panoramic features, overall good performance, and good image quality, and you’ve got a winner.”

TrustedReviews have reviewed the Kodak V705 where they rate the camera 7/10 and write;
“Picture quality is perhaps not a primary concern with a camera like this, but it’s actually not at all bad. The image files are very compressed at around 1.5MB each, but at least that means you can get well over 500 pictures on a 1GB card. Unfortunately it also means there are visible compression artefacts on many images. mage noise handling is not as good as some cameras that I’ve seen recently, and at the 1000 ISO maximum they are really very noisy…Although it has its limitations, the EasyShare V705 is the ideal snapshot camera for recording social events. As long as you’re not too worried about image noise at high ISO settings or compression artefacts in everything else then it is ideal.”

PocketLint have reviewed the Kodak V705 where they rate the camera 8/10 and write;
“When Kodak first launched this form factor almost a year ago we must admit we had trouble grasping whether or not it was a gimmick or not. Two models on, including the 10x zoom V610 and it seems that the design and offering is working for Kodak. The inclusion of the wide angle lens is certainly a bonus if you need to take photos within a wide area. A simple refresh of the V570, rather than the ultra zoom V610, the new Kodak EasyShare V705 bumps up the resolution without affecting the image quality by too much.”

PhotographyBlog have reviewed the Kodak V705 where they rate the camera 4/5 and write;
“The Kodak Easyshare V705 is a very stylish and very unique camera, thanks largely to its innovative dual lens system, which offers an ultra wide 23mm and a 39-117mm zoom lens, all in a metal body just 2cms thick. There’s obvious distortion at the 23mm end of the zoom range and the step-up from 23 to 39mm takes a little getting used to, but that’s a small price to pay for the flexibility that’s on offer. Using such a small camera with such a wide zoom range opens up lots of photographic opportunities that you just won’t get with some similar sized models…Overall, despite only average image quality and some elements of slow operation, the Kodak Easyshare V705 is an intriguing and fun to use digital camera that is well worth considering.”

DigitalCameraReview have reviewed the Kodak V705 and write;
“I like the Kodak EasyShare V705 for its size, looks, and ultra-wide lens. The speed of camera operation was good and battery life was very good. The camera is quite capable of capturing good images, but “softness” may be an issue at times. As with all digital cameras, the better you know the strengths and weaknesses of your camera, the better your images will be. The Kodak Easyshare V705 is a good camera for a snapshot type photographer who would like (or need) a wide angle lens (real estate agents, panorama afcionados). The camera is a nice size, looks fun, and is easy to whip out of a pocket or purse to capture the spur of the moment shot. The ultra-wide angle lens is impressive and a great feature to have in a camera of this size. By including the fun panorama assist feature, Kodak has given the photographer a lot of flexibility for fun landscape or cityscape shots.”

Photoxels have reviewed the Kodak V705 and write;
“Overall, the Kodak V705 is capable of producing good to very good image quality with good image detail overall (though some detail loss is very apparent depending on the subject matter). Images also look soft. One area needing improvement is that highlights tend to be easily blown in high contrast situations..That is why the Kodak V705’s in-camera panorama stitching is such a winner. It works well but does require that you align your shots carefully — and that can be challenging using a relatively small LCD screen (compared to a 17-in. or larger computer screen). Our panorama image samples were handheld and so suffers from some misalignment, though you would not be able to see it unless you view it full size. Overall, if you choose your alignment points carefully, your panorama shots should come out very acceptable.”

CNET have reviewed the Kodak V705 where they rate the camera 7.2/10 and write;
“Image quality from the V705 is decent for a camera of its class. As usual with Kodak, colors looked very accurate and were well saturated. Though while the camera is capable of capturing an admirable amount of detail, we did see some JPEG artifacts in the form of jaggy diagonal lines and curves as well as other off-color speckles along edges of high contrast…The bottom line: A simple refresh of the V570, the new Kodak EasyShare V705 bumps up the resolution, adds a few subtle twists, and keeps everything we liked about the company’s original dual-lens camera.”

>> SAMPLE PHOTOS (last updated: 02.03.07)

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Kodak Announces the World’s Smallest Ultra-Wide-Angle Zoom Digital Camera and Additions to the C-Series Line of Digital Cameras
Company Stays on Top with the Launch of Attractive, Feature-Packed Cameras Designed to Unleash Creativity

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, August 08 — In the latest addition to its award-winning EASYSHARE consumer digital photography system, Eastman Kodak Company today announced four new innovative and user-friendly products to the C and V lines of EASYSHARE Digital Cameras. The KODAK EASYSHARE V705 Dual Lens Digital Camera – the world’s smallest ultra-wide-angle optical zoom digital camera, and the KODAK EASYSHARE C875 Zoom Digital Camera, with 8.0 MP, 5X all glass SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH optical zoom lens, are two impressively designed and unbelievably equipped offerings from Kodak.

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