Kodak ESP 7250

Kodak ESP 7250 is a All-in-One Printer features Print Speed 4 × 6″ photos: up to 29sec, up to 32ppm Black, up to 30ppm Color, Print Sizes borderless photos up to 8.5 × 11 in. (US letter size), 216 × 279 mm (A4 size); documents up to 8.5 × 14 in. (legal size), 216 × 356 mm; 2.4 in. LCD (color) Display, Scan Resolution 2400 DPI optical scanner (CIS), 24-bit 9600 interpolated DPI; copy speed 27/26 cpm (black/color). The Kodak ESP 7250 measures 17.5 × 7.4 × 17.0 in. (W x H x D) and weighs 18.7 lbs.

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Kodak ESP 7250 Reviews

Printercomparison reviews the Kodak ESP 7250 and writes;
“Kodak does a good job providing a mix of easy to use features along with good overall print quality and low cost ink for the ESP 7250. And with the suggested price of $199.99, it’s still in the affordable range, especially when you add in the long run costs (ink, paper).”
Rating: ★★★½☆

Imaging-resource reviews the Kodak ESP 7250 and writes;
“We do like the quality of the photos the Kodak ESP system prints. The 7250 was no exception. The pigment inks of exceptionally small size deliver a wide gamut and rich blacks at a very good price. We’re always out of cartridges for other printers, but the Kodaks all seem to last a long time and not cost a lot to replace.”
rating: N/A

Techradar reviews the Kodak ESP 7250 and writes;
“Cheap ink prices are a good thing and Kodak has pulled off a neat trick here by combining a dual cartridge system with semi-permanent print heads that are fitted separately into the printer. Print speed is a little slow for mono text, but average for colour documents and the ESP 7250 is pretty fast for photo printing.”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Pocket-lint reviews the Kodak ESP 7250 and writes;
“Print quality is good overall and so is the scan quality; copies are just about acceptable though. The ease of set-up was impressive (particularly the Kodak Pic Flick app on the iPhone) and the wireless printing, which took only a few minutes to get sorted. The printer is much slower than the claimed speeds Kodak use, at least for a reasonable photo print, and it is also frustrating you can’t use Dot Replacement on borderless prints. Nevertheless, this is a good all in one and it sits perfectly well at the top of Kodak’s ESP tree.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PCmag reviews the Kodak ESP 7250 and writes;
“If photo quality is a major factor in your selection of an MFP, the Kodak ESP 7250 is well worth considering. It could fill the role of a home printer, but its lack of fax capability and an automatic document feeder (ADF), as well as its relatively small main paper tray, limit its home-office usability to very light duty. Its low claimed cost per page is a nice plus. It outputs beautiful prints, and can print from multiple sources, even when not connected to a computer. That, and solid text and graphics printing, should make it a worthy addition to many households.”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Trustedreviews reviews the Kodak ESP 7250 and writes;
“In general, the Kodak ESP 7250 delivers good print quality at low cost, in an easy and well-automated way. It’s not a particularly quick machine, though, and the strange size reduction when you select duplex print is something that either needs correcting or, if it was our setup error, more detailed explanation in the printer’s manual.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Expertreviews reviews the Kodak ESP 7250 and writes;
“Our illustrated business documents were a mixed bag. Text was sharp, but normally rich areas of solid red and blue colour looked pale and insipid, while dark shaded areas looked black, rather than gradated. Light shading was perfectly smooth, though. Photo quality is good enough for snapshots, but the print head left marks even at best quality and after a re-alignment.”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

PCWorld reviews the Kodak ESP 7250 and writes;
“In our Mac and PC tests, the ESP 7250 ran slower than most competing MFPs, and not all of its output was worth the wait. Text speed was below average: 4.6 pages per minute on a PC, and 3.6 ppm on a Mac. Output quality, though generally crisp, was dark-gray rather than black. Photo print speed was better, at 1.8 ppm. On Kodak’s own special paper, photos looked nice; but the same images on plain paper were faded, yellowy, and grainy. Scan times (measured on the Mac platform) were peppy, and monochrome scans and copies looked good. Color scans, however, appeared choppy, cartoonish, and off-color.”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

User Opinions

Kodak ESP 7250 User Reviews

Darn Good Printer
“I’ve printed out several photos using photo paper and the photo paper slot on the printer and the results have been excellent. The blacks are dark, the colors rich. Normal printing, you know, words on bond, is pretty quick, but since I do a lot of printing, I’ll still be using my laser printer for most of that, but for docs with a bit of color, you can’t beat this machine. I love it to death. “ – by Vesta Irene
Rating: ★★★★★

Finally I made a smart printer decision
“Since I have black & white laser printers, I use my Kodak 7250 mainly for printing photographs, and they come out gorgeous. The color rendering is dead on with all the 4×3’s I’ve been printing. It’s nearly as good as the Kodak kiosks at various stores. I’ve been enjoying filling my photo albums up this past week, and with the cheap ink prices, I’ll let my friends use it too.” – by Fryfat
Rating: ★★★★★

Kodak ESP 7250 All-in-One Printer
“Features include “Kodak Perfect Touch”, which automatically corrects and enhances a photo. There is also a red eye correction, color restoration and sharpening and facial retouch, crop. More adjustments include, brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, midtones and highlights… If you need to replace your printer/scanner, this is an ideal choice,one that you’ll be very happy to own and operate. This is a very high quality printer, scanner copier, One that I absolutely could not recommend more highly.” – by ‘ Groovin’ guy “music historian”
Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent wirless all in one with iPhone printing
“I didn’t really know what to expect with this printer. The specs looked great though. I have to say, the setup and installation process worked flawlessly over wireless. I assumed this would not be the case, but it worked great. Not to mention that the printer software was able to download the latest version from the web! Finally, the software was able to update the firmware of the printer, all this without having to connect a cable… I highly highly recommend this if you are looking for a wireless all in one, and the iPhone support is a huge bonus. Once you install the Kodak app you can easily send photos for printing.” – by Omar Shahine
Rating: ★★★★★

So good I wanted to submit my review on paper
“…I wasn’t nuts about the Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper, 4 x 6 Inches, High Gloss that came with the printer, but that has no bearing on the printer itself. I understand from other reviewers that I’ll be able to get a bunch of prints off one set of cartridges, and that will save a lot of time and money that I’ve been spending to upload photos and pick up at the department store. A FAX feature would have been nice, since it’s an “all”-in-one, but I expect print from Kodak and not the extra – so it wasn’t really important. ALL in all, though, I have to say that I love this printer and have no plans to replace it any time soon!” – by Rebekah Sue Harris
Rating: ★★★★★

All in one Printer
“There is a seperate photo paper slot that handles either 4X6 or 5X8 photo paper. This is seperate from the regular paper tray and you can have both loaded at the same time. A selection on the printer software tells the printer which paper to draw upon. Scanning surface works very well and I feel is a bit better in quality than the HP. The included software for working with your pictures is simple and does a nice job in the printing of pictures. I was very pleased with each of the pictures that printed and they were dry and ready to use as soon as they came off the printer. No smudging or running ink!!” – by Ralph Furlong
Rating: ★★★★★

Fabulous printer we can’t live without
“The print quality and speed are incredible, the printer design is sleek and highly functional and the supplies are cheap compared to the dinky HP deskjet we had been using. I found the Kodak technical support unparalleled, especially compared to HP, and Canon. Kodak even built in a photo help center for photo editing, and printing. I did all 100 Christmas photo cards only with this software, and I used less than one black and one color cartridge. The Wireless function is great; my husband could print from his Windows work laptop and my daughter printed from her Macbook files from her room.” – by Susan H. Reynolds
Rating: ★★★★★

Nice Printer
“I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this printer. From setup to everyday use, it’s really been a simple process. We have it hooked up wirelessly which is a nice way to reduce cord usage. And that was pretty simple, too. Print quality for most documents is excellent. Photo quality is just OK. I’m a stickler for photo quality so if walmart can do it better, then this machine is going to get a lower rating. Having said that, it’s probably good enough for most people. A nice thing about this printer is that the ink cartridges don’t cost an arm and a leg. Scans are nice, clean and flow directly to the computer.” – by TheSpeechwriter
Rating: ★★★★☆

Some great features, but a few annoying problems
“Overall, I’m pleased with this printer, but I have a few reservations. First of all, this “All-in-one” lacks fax capability; something that many people might not need, but I consider it a must for an “All-in-one.” All in one for this printer means that you can scan documents and photos, and use it as a copy machine as well as a printer for your computer…” – by M. Stewart
Rating: ★★★★☆

Better than most, by far
“I bought this to replace a clunky, cranky HP all-in-one that frequently refused to run and was just taking up space. Setup was a breeze on the Beautiful Wife’s (BW ) computer — it took all of 5 minutes, including USB connection. Print quality is superb — the black characters are crisp and clear and color, so far, is excellent….” – by J. Smith
Rating: ★★★★☆

Using the Kodak 7250
“The bottom line I would reccomend buying the Kodak ESP 7250 printer, overall it’s low operation cost (low ink cost & double sided printing), feature set and ease of operation makes it one of the best if not the best overall choise on the market. Also if you want excellent color you can use Kodak paper (though admittedly I haven’t tried it I am relying on other reviews), the noise though is a bit excessive but I would say tolerable (still I would encourage Kodak to reduce the noise on future models)…” – by phone person
Rating: ★★★★☆

Great affordable printer
“…In the land of printers, there are those who print amazing photos (like the Epson), those that are super techy (like HP’s touch screen), those that are work horses (Canon) and those that are just good, middle of the road, some bells but no whistles printers. The Kodak ESP 7250 is one of these middle of the road printers. The photo print quality is good, but not fantastic. But everywhere else the Kodak is a solid performer, having all the features a printer should have while looking good and staying quiet. What sets this printer above the rest is the low cost of printing..” – by Lincoln Gergar
Rating: ★★★★☆


Kodak ESP 7250 Brochure & User Guide

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Features & Specifications

Kodak ESP 7250 Features

Stay in touch more than ever—and save! Imagine owning a printer that seamlessly connects to your favorite mobile devices, and saves you a ton of money on ink. The KODAK ESP 7250 All-in-One Printer can receive pictures from your iPhone and iPod touch, or photos and documents from your Wi-Fi enabled BLACKBERRY Smartphone[1 ], and print them in an instant—helping you keep up, without ever slowing down. And with the lowest ink replacement cost in the industry[2 ], you’ll get high-quality photos and documents at a fraction of the price. With its amazingly simple Wi-Fi setup and intuitive control panel, you’re ready to share your life at a moment’s notice. Bring affordable printing into your daily routine with the KODAK ESP 7250 All-in-One Printer.

Outstanding connectivity
* Get the latest in Wi-Fi technology with 802.11n
* Extremely simplified Wi-Fi setup—effortlessly connect to wireless networks at the home or office
* Print and share your mobile life—with built-in wireless connectivity, you can easily print from multiple sources
* Print documents and photos sent from a Wi-Fi enabled BLACKBERRY Smartphone and photos in multiple sizes sent from an iPhone or iPod touch[3 ]with the KODAK Pic Flick App—you can even send the same image to your printer and KODAK EASYSHARE W820 or W1020 Wireless Digital Frame at the same time

Affordable printing for the home
* Lowest total ink replacement cost in the industry
* $9.99 (msrp) KODAK Black Ink Cartridge, 10B; $16.99 (msrp) KODAK Black Ink Cartridge, 10XL; $17.99 (msrp) KODAK Color Ink Cartridge, 10C
* KODAK Black 10XL keeps you printing longer—print more pages and save time with less replacing
* Get 70% more pages with KODAK Black 10XL compared to standard KODAK Black 10B
* Get 10% more color pages with KODAK Color 10C compared to previous No. 10 color cartridge

Intelligent features
* Intelligent paper sensor automatically detects the amount of paper
* Two paper trays—includes an auto-engaging photo tray and general purpose tray
* Photo tray holds 3 sizes: 4 × 6 in. , 4 × 7 in. HD, and 5 × 7 in.
* Built-in two-sided printing saves time and money
* Scan multiple pictures simultaneously up to 2400 DPI—software creates separate files automatically
* Intuitive control panel gives you quick and easy access to tasks you use the most
* View and print photos without a computer using its 2.4 in. color display and media card slots (supports SD/SDHC, MS, Duo, and CF)

Remarkable quality you expect from Kodak
* KODACOLOR Technology, backed by 100+ years of KODAK Image Science, provides quality, speed and longevity in one printing system—without compromise
* Low cost, high quality pigmented inks and porous papers dry instantly, are water and fade resistant
* Print brilliant color documents and KODAK Lab-Quality photos that last a lifetime in just 29 seconds
* High-resolution color photo printing, 9600 optimized DPI

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