Kodak EasyShare Z650 – Review @ ImagingResource

ImagingResource have published a review of the Kodak EasyShare Z650, a 6.1-megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera released on 04.01.06 featuring a 10x optical zoom(38 to 380mm), and a 2-inch LCD screen.


“With the Kodak EasyShare Z650, we found that it had enough resolution to make very crisp 8×10 inch prints. At 11×14, its prints were a bit softer looking, but more than adequate for wall or table display. At high ISO, its images became softer and noisier-looking. Under daylight-balanced lighting, some users might consider ISO 400 shots acceptable even at 8×10 inch print sizes, but to our standards, they’re really only usable at 5×7 inches…The Z650 shooting experience (once you’ve got it powered on, anyway) is generally a pleasure. Light enough in the hand to use single-handedly, there aren’t many subjects that escape its recording versatility. Nor do many escape the reach of its long zoom.”

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