Kodak EasyShare W820 Digital Frame

Kodak EasyShare W820 is a 8-Inch Wireless Digital Frame features 512 MB internal memory, memory card reader for easy viewing, 800 × 480 pixels high-resolution picture display, 8-inch high quality LCD with 16:9 aspect ratio. This digital photo frame also supports Secure Digital (SD), Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC), Multimedia Card (MMC), MEMORY STICK (MS), XD-Picture Card (xD), COMPACTFLASH (CF), and USB Thumb Drives; Plays JPEG, EXIF, MPEG 1 and 4, AVI, MOV, and MP3 media files. The Digital Photo Frame measures (W x H x D) 10.1 × 7.1 × 1.3 in. and weighs 25.6 oz (725 g).

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Kodak EasyShare W820 Digital Frame Expert Reviews

PCMag reviews the Kodak EasyShare W820 Digital Frame and writes;
“Images viewed on the W820 were often oversaturated, flat, and lacking in sharpness, especially when streaming from the Web (see more on this issue below). Images displayed from the internal memory and removable media were significantly sharper, but were still much flatter than those viewed on other frames, such as the Sony VGF-CP1. “
Rating: ★★½☆☆

DigitalPictureFramereview reviews the Kodak EasyShare W820 Digital Frame and writes;
“The amount of content you can get from the web on this frame using its WiFi connection, and the ease with which you can do it, really make the W820 a joy to use. Interface design – both the touch-sensitive soft buttons and the “no nonsense” menu structure – is excellent, clearly superior to the poorly designed, laborious menu systems on most digital frames.”
Rating: ★★★★½

User Opinions

Kodak EasyShare W820 Digital Frame User Reviews

WiFi Frame, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“We have a new baby and we bought a frame for each set of grandparents for christmas and one for ourselves. I can download pics onto my computer with my camera and upload easily to Kodak’s site, then the picture automatically (after you set up an account etc..) update on the grandparent’s frame – it’s awesome! They love getting new pictures of the baby all the time. This is a fantastic gift! “ – By Sienna’s Mommy

Ignore old reviews – firmware update fixed everything, | Rating: ★★★★★
“This thing is really amazing. I have rss feeds, photos, weather, sports scores and more all randomly displayed on the frame in my living room.. I am really happy with this frame. At this size, the picture quality is fine – there is no issue with low resolution.” – By Just a guy

Excellent value, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“The W820 is capable of fetching images from any RSS 2.0 feed, not just Flickr. This means you can stream images to it from virtually anywhere (Picasa, Facebook). Although some online reviews have mentioned that ‘refreshing’ a feed on the frame is not possible unless you power-cycle it, the workaround is to use the ‘ttl’ specification of RSS which specifies the inherent refresh time for the feed, and it seems to work well with this frame.” – By Vineet Bansal

Works great with Flickr, | Rating: ★★★★★
“Framechannel works great, it allows me to show any RSS feed I want, including Flickr; Direct Flickr integration works well; Wireless works perfect in my apartment, no signal drop (although its only a few meters apart from the wifi router)” – By Esaito

The other reviews are wrong, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“It works very nicely with a site called FrameChannel.com. When setting it up for her, I can manage this account online, email pics directly to the frame through a free email address(so it can work with cell phone pics). It does very cool streaming of stocks, traffic, wheather, etc between pictures. We had no problem setting up the wireless for WPA-2 passwords. This thing was easy and worked great!!! “ – By R. Knowlton

Best frame value by far if you need remote mgmt, Frame Channel is key, | Rating: ★★★★★
“I updated the firmware immediately, and the wifi connection to my home network was easy, however it takes some time to select your passcode by arrowing thru the alphabet, but it’s only done once in setup. Colors are vivid, and I found the best picture quality by using a high quality jpeg compression and “not” allowing the frame to fill the screen w/ the image…” – By J. Hole

A quick review of a great product, | Rating: ★★★★★
“I bought this frame as new year gift for my mother overseas. The wireless capability and the RSS feed are the most great things for me on this frame. I set it up when I was there and now I can easily feed the frame via web with recent photos of mine and she is amazed with that…” – By Mehmed Cem Akatay

Very Good Product but Tough Setup, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“While you may need some fortitude for the initial setup, I found once that’s in the past it works like a charm. FrameChannel is a great product, I use it exclusively to manage/load content. In contrast to the initial setup, FrameChannel is very intuitive, easy to use and powerful. I.e…” – By Eli


Kodak EasyShare W820 Digital Frame User Manual (PDF)

– Download Kodak EasyShare W820 Digital Frame User Manual (PDF – 1.6MB)

Features & Specifications

Kodak EasyShare W820 Digital Frame Features & Specifications

This is not an ordinary picture frame—it’s your window to the world. The KODAK EASYSHARE W820 Wireless Digital Frame connects you to friends and family with leading photo sharing web sites like KODAK Gallery and FLICKR. Wireless connectivity gives you seamless access to your memories—whether they are stored on your home computer or online. The intuitive Quick Touch Border allows you to get the latest news, weather, sports, and more in one touch. It’s the power of the Internet, brought right to your fingertips.

Viewing excellence
View your pictures on the 8 in. 16:9 wide screen featuring KODAK Color Science for vibrant color and crisp detail.

Wireless access to pictures
Access pictures on your home computer and leading photo sharing web sites featuring the KODAK Gallery and FLICKR with built-in Wi-Fi capability.

* Wireless feature gives you access to your photo collection on your PC no matter where you are in your home
* Kodak’s Picture Mail feature lets you send and receive pictures directly on your frame from family and friends via KODAK Gallery—plus, your frame will let you know when new pictures have arrived
* Use your wireless digital frame to show off your favorite photos from leading online photo sharing web sites such as KODAK Gallery and FLICKR—you can view public or private photos from your collection or from friends and family
* See pictures from other popular photo sharing web sites

Wireless access to pictures

Simple to use touch screen
* Kodak’s Quick Touch Border includes an illuminated panel of yellow lights along the border of the frame that tells you exactly where to touch—simply touch along the bottom and right hand side of the border of the frame to navigate menus
* Slide your finger across the bottom of the Quick Touch Border to easily scroll through your pictures
* Keeps your viewing screen free from fingerprints and smudges
* Create, edit and view slideshows—at the touch of your fingertips
Simple to use touch screen

Personalized web media
It’s like your own personal Internet channel right on the frame. A wireless internet connection enables streaming photos and more from your favorite web sites.

* View news, weather, and sports updates to stay informed throughout the day, plus humor, horoscope, sports, traffic, and more—powered by FRAMECHANNEL
* Stream your favorite photos directly to your frame from the Internet with RSS technology
* Just like the Internet, the content you experience on your digital frame can change and grow with your interests

Accessorize your pictures
* Complement your home décor with 6 unique looks using the included faceplate and decorative mattes
* Additional faceplates with mattes to suit your style sold separately[1]
* New sleek design makes any room more exciting
* Display your frame on a tabletop or on a wall—vertically or horizontally
* Discreet cord design—barely visible

Set the mood with music
* Listen to your favorite MP3s on the high-quality, built-in speakers
* You can also plug your MP3 player right into your frame using the audio-in feature
* Create personalized slideshows with your favorite songs and customized transitions

Store more pictures
* Store up to 4000 of your favorite pictures directly on your frame’s 512 MB of internal memory[2]
* Expand your storage capacity with 2 card slots—enjoy your whole collection
* 6-in-1 card reader and USB port offer flexibility—compatible with SD/SDHC, MMC, xD, MEMORY STICK, COMPACTFLASH, and USB flash drives

Easily access and transfer pictures
* KODAK EASYSHARE Software, Digital Frame Edition enables the wireless features of the frame
* Browse and edit your pictures simply
* Create multimedia slideshows and access pictures from your computer, as well as from leading photo sharing web sites such as KODAK Gallery and FLICKR
* Easily select the information you want to see on your frame—streaming news, weather, sports, photos, and more

Smart, intuitive media—done your way
Plug and play operation makes viewing your pictures a snap—just insert your memory card or USB flash drive with your digital pictures and enjoy

Smart, intuitive media—done your way

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