Kodak EasyShare V570 – Review @ DigitalCameraReview

DigitalCameraReview has recently posted a review on Kodak EasyShare V570, a world’s first dual-lens digital camera with two ccd’s and 2.5-inch LCD Screen. Here’s their verdict on performance & image quality

Kodak V570

“I found the image quality to be average. Colors were accurate and exposure was typically good (especially when you learn how to utilize the exposure compensation adjustment for your tastes). There was a bit of softness in the corners of images. Indoor images, with flash, were too noisy (at auto ISO 125). My outdoor shots had an over-processed feel to them, in my opinion, with too much sharpness. If you notice this as well, you can turn down the sharpness setting.”

In conclusion they write:

“Pros: Nicely designed, good looking camera, Ultra-wide angle is effective, a great item for a point and shoot, Excellent battery life, Easy way to adjust exposure compensation

Cons: LCD is too grainy, hard to determine image quality until on your computer, Zoom and auto focus mechanisms are audible on video, Indoor flash images too noisy, Shutter lag a tad longer than other cameras in its class”

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