Kodak EasyShare V570 – Review @ DigicamReview

DigicamReview has recently posted a review of the Kodak EasyShare V570, the world’s first dual-lens digital camera with 5 megapixel CCD and 2.5-inch LCD Screen.


“Image quality seemed to be much better outdoors, where images had low noise and high saturation, but indoors images had much higher and noticeable noise. Images were generally quite soft straight from the camera, especially using the ultra-wide angle lens, and could benefit from sharpening. Purple fringing was average, more noticeable with the ultra-wide angle lens, and red-eye was higher than average. The camera did a good job focusing the majority of the time, but struggled indoors, even with the focus assist lamp. The flash also caused some problems, mainly when using the ultra-wide angle lens, as the camera will tell you it’s in focus, even when it’s not. I did not notice vignetting in photos, however I did notice quite strong barrel distortion using the ultra wide angle lens (more when distortion compensation was off) and there was some pincushion distortion using the full zoom. The macro mode produced good macro photos.”

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