Kodak EasyShare P712

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Kodak EasyShare P712 is a top-end point-and-shoot digital camera (announced 20.06.06), featuring a 7.1 megapixels (CCD sensor) with 12x optical zoom lens, a 2.5″ LCD screen and optical image stabilisation. The Kodak EasyShare P712 camera will be available in the UK from June 2006, with a suggested retail price of £349.99

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Kodak EasyShare P712
Kodak EasyShare P712 Latest Price

>> REVIEWS (last update: 26.03.07)

Let’sGoDigital reviewed the Kodak EasyShare P712 (rating: 74%) and wrote;
“As such I have mixed feelings about the Kodak P712 test. On one hand there is the ease of a compact design, great optical range and handy image stabilization, and it provides much user-friendliness. On the other hand there is the disappointing quality of the ISO and the limited ISO range, as well as the, sometimes slow, reaction speed of the camera. It makes me feel as if Kodak eased their way out at these points. Had it been so that the competition showed the same images I would have been milder in my judgment. But with the current technology and hardware/software quality a lot more is possible, and that is where Kodak fails. The Kodak EasyShare P712 is an attractive camera for the every day shots of the beginning photographer. The Kodak EasyShare P712 may certainly not be seen as the alternative to a digital SLR camera. The difference between them is just too big. “

PhotographyReview reviewed the Kodak EasyShare P712 and wrote;
“The Kodak EasyShare P712 was a fun camera for me to test because it’s like a miniature version of the digital SLR I use when I’m on the job. However, it’s still a compact digital camera and it has the image quality issues typical of all point-and-shoot digital cameras. Personally, I’m not sure if I like the size of the camera – I like point-and-shoots to fit in my pocket. But I do like the super-zoom digital camera format. The serious photographer who’s willing to trade pocket-sized convenience for a lot more power and control will find the Kodak EasyShare P712 is a great camera to own…Gadget geeks and camera control freaks who won’t be overwhelmed by too many options are really going to like this digital camera. The Kodak EasyShare P712 would also be fun vacation camera for a serious amateur or professional photographer. “

Megapixel reviewed the Kodak EasyShare P712 and wrote;
“Positives: Very good image quality with JPEG Fine, excellent using the RAW format, stabilized 12X zoom, Excellent metering, Excellent colour rendition, High-resolution electronic viewfinder, Full selection of shooting modes, Light and compact. Negatives: Chromatic aberration when the image contains strong contrasts, Lack of sharpness at the widest angle, Sensitive to noise as of 125 ISO and when the flash is used. “

ImagingResource reviewed the Kodak EasyShare P712 and wrote;
“If you don’t want to make the jump to a digital SLR yet — for whatever reason — the Kodak P712 offers a decent all-in-one, superzoom alternative. With a whopping 12x zoom that would cost an arm and a leg if you ever tried to purchase equivalent lenses for a DSLR, the Kodak P712 is great for capturing close-up shots that stay sharp thanks to the camera’s optical image stabilizer. The P712’s mix of ease of use in Auto mode with a broad range of control options also make it a good camera for sharing between two people of widely differing photograph skill levels: In Auto mode, it’s push-the-button simple, yet still offers enough options and controls to satisfy more sophisticated shooters. Though its overall performance and image quality don’t equal that of a decent digital DSLR, if you’re looking for a less expensive, portable alternative, the Kodak P712 is definitely worth a look.”

Steve’sDigicams reviewed the Kodak EasyShare P712 and wrote;
“Bottom line – Kodak’s EasyShare P712 Zoom is a mixed bag. While it offers loads of appealing features, the outdoor mediocre image quality really turned us away from this model. However, it does capture nice portrait images and is a speedy performer. None the less, with an MSRP of US$499 it’s a bit too expensive. If you love the features found on this model and don’t mind losing the flash hotshoe and 1-megapixel of resolution, check out the EasyShare Z612 Zoom. It includes many of the same features found on this model (12x lens with IS, 2.5-inch LCD, etc.), great image quality, and can be had for about $100 less. “

PhotographyBlog reviewed the Kodak EasyShare P712 and wrote;
“So overall, the Kodak Easyshare P712 is a fairly easy-to-use, feature-rich camera with that 12x zoom lens as its main attraction. The slow responsiveness and noise issue are by no means show-stoppers, but they do stop us from recommending this camera more strongly. The Panasonic DMC-FZ7 is a very similar camera with the advantage of being quicker to use, although it does only offer JPEG mode and suffers from the same problem of noisy images. At £350 / $500, the Kodak P712 is also more expensive than the Panasonic, although actual street prices seem to be significantly lower.”

PocketLint reviewed the Kodak EasyShare P712 and wrote;
“With more than respectable image quality at lower ISOs, and three custom settings (almost essential to take the pain out of the many buttons and controls), the P712 can reward you with some excellent results. It is undeniably a well-specified camera but one that’s a bit of a mixed bag; what makes it good is offset by handling issues or the noisy sensor. However, in the final analysis if you want a compact ultra-zoom camera that grows with you, or that provides plenty of scope for your snapping off the bat and your happy not making bigger prints, it’s worth a look…”

TrustedReviews have reviewed the Kodak EasyShare P712. and write;
“..With 7-megapixel resolution, a full range of manual shooting modes, a high quality image stabilised 12x optical zoom lens, good overall handling and the all-important RAW mode, the P712 has specification closer to a professional SLR than a compact. However the small sensor size limits its otherwise excellent picture quality, and unnecessary complexity makes it difficult to use. “

DigitalCameraReview have reviewed the Kodak EasyShare P712. and write;
“Overall, the image quality was good. There were a couple things that I noticed, however. The images from the P712 showed a fair amount of chromatic aberration and got noisy quickly as you increased the sensitivity. While images were sharp from edge to edge, vignetting was noticeable throughout the zoom range. I was impressed that the optical zoom could be used during movie capture, but I feared that the louder zoom motor would be audible on the sound track, and it was. Battery life was also not as good as I would like to see in a camera with this feature set. There were many things that liked about this camera. The image stabilization system worked well in a variety of conditions. The LCD and EVF were very good, with plenty of resolution and good refresh rates. I continue to be impressed with Kodak LCDs outdoors. I also feel that their “hybrid AF” system, with the additional AF sensor, was beneficial to getting that crucial focus lock. The almost non-existent shutter lag was also nice. If you’re looking for an ultra zoom with advanced features and think you’ll use an external flash, or if you’re a big fan of Kodak and their Easyshare system (sharing, printing, etc), then the P712 is a good option.”

CNET have reviewed the Kodak EasyShare P712. They rate the camera 7.4 out of 10 and write;
“Overall, colors looked natural and well saturated, and exposures were accurate with plenty of detail in both highlights and shadows. The auto white balance did a very good job of neutralizing colors under our lab’s tungsten lights, retaining just the barest hint of warmth. The tungsten preset yielded slightly cool images, while the manual white balance produced almost perfectly neutral results. Fringing was minimal but still present, mostly in the corners of our field-test images.”

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– Download Kodak EasyShare P712 User Manual (PDF – 5.8MB)
– View Kodak EasyShare P712 User Manual

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KODAK EASYSHARE P712 Digital Camera Unleashes Photographers’ Potential with Precision Controls and Stunning Image Quality

Blazing Fast Auto-Focus System, 12X Image-Stabilised Lens, 7.1 MP Sensor Combine for Crisp, Clear Pictures Ideal for Sharing

Eastman Kodak Company today announced the KODAK EASYSHARE P712 zoom digital camera, setting a new performance benchmark for the consumer “superzoom” category. Its precision auto-focus system with best-in-class click-to-capture rate – literally faster than the blink of an eye, at less than 1/10th of a second (0.07 seconds) – helps photographers get the exact shots they want, whether action on a sports field or children on the playground.

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