Kodak EasyShare C530 – First Look Review by DigitalCameraInfo

Richard Baguley had his hands on Kodak EasyShare C530, a 5 megapixel camera with 16MB internal memory and priced at around $140. He posted his first look review at Digital Camera Info and wrote:


“Perhaps those few consumers who have been resisting going digital, claiming that it’s too expensive, complicated or awkward might appreciate its suffocating simplicity. For them, the C530 could be the perfect birthday present, plus, it’s so cheap you won’t be too offended if they don’t use it much. However, for those just looking for a decent, affordable digital alternative, there are many, many superior cameras out there right now that offer far more practical options without much additional cost or confusion.

The Kodak EasyShare C530 definitely has a market, albeit a very specific one. For the extremely budget-minded and technophobic first-time photographer, the camera will certainly not pose any intimidation, but by today’s standards, it seems to be a poor bargain. Even the most frugal consumer would be better served holding out a bit until they are comfortable spending an additional $20-30 for optical zoom and autofocus. Now, for an extra $60, consumers can have effective optical image stabilization in the Panasonic LS2.”

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