Kata Announces Photo Competition

London, 23 January 2012. Kata has announced a photography contest with theme “Take a Shot” which combines a love of photography with KATA’s high quality products. This competition invites the participants to submit photos of their KATA camera bag in their photography action. The photos can be of the Kata bag itself, carried, worn, looped on a belt or slung over a shoulder, in an exotic location or an everyday environment. The three photos out of all submissions will be chosen as the winner, and they will receive one of the latest KATA bags. For more information please visit Kata website or see the terms & conditions of the competition.


Bellina Israel as the KATA’s Line Manager said: “Judging a contest like this means we will have to sift through a lot of great shots, But when a picture is taken with real passion and a love of photography you can tell right away. Pictures like that stand out.”

This competition is open for anyone who were 18 years of age or older from all countries. The participants could be submit the photos of their Kata bag that showcase creativity and originality with KATA at the centre of the image. The photo which show the creativity of the photo composition in conjunction with a passion for capturing the perfect image will be the most sought by judges. In other words, the photos which has full inspiration and unique setting with all key elements of the TERMS OF SUBMISSION will be the most sought by judges in their final decision.

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