KammaGamma.com: A New DSLR Image Quality Site

KammaGamma.com is a new digital photography website, aimed at producing in-depth, near engineering level based reviews of DSLR cameras. It focuses on the image quality of DSLR cameras and RAW software, brings unique and interesting information to the photographer. At the heart of KammaGamma.com are the unique world first DSLR image quality databases.


Max Penson, the editor and author of KammaGamma.com maintains that:
There are many photographers who do not fully understand how their DSLR cameras really work or which RAW software has better image processing algorithms. We aim to change that.

The world first DSLR color database

KammaGamma.com features a unique color transformation database that allows the photographer to better understand the color transformation of any DSLR camera. The color database is constructed of several plots, calculated by real time color conversion functions and gamut mapping.

The world first DSLR noise database

KammaGamma.com also features for the first time a complete database for JPEG noise measurements taken in a controlled lab. The noise database is based on two plots that display to the photographer noise measurements as a function of luminance and of ISO setting. Furthermore, the noise measurements are displayed as Luma and Chroma data that is the same way camera makers measure and reduce image noise.

More databases in development

Talya Seligman, coeditor and web developer has announced: There are several more databases in development, some of which will be ground breaking measurements that have not been previously available to photographers.

First Canon DIGIC III algorithm evaluation article

KammaGamma.com recently published an algorithm evaluation article on the recently launched Canon EOS Mark III. The article describes noise reduction methods and examples, which have never been fully explained and demonstrated to the average photographer.

About the authors of KammaGamma.com

Max Penson
Max is a photographer who has seen many digital cameras behind the scenes. He is an image quality testing and analysis specialist in the digital camera industry.

Talya Seligman
Talya is a digital photography technology lecturer in the photography departments of several higher educational institutes. She is also a web development specialist, working with a major news website.

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