JP Distribution Announces Lastolite Ezybox Hotshoe

JP Distribution announce the new Ezybox Hotshoe from award winning manufacturer Lastolite.

A new addition to their ever popular range of portable softboxes, the Ezybox Hotshoe is purpose built to work with shoe mount flashguns. It converts your battery operated tilt head flash gun from a harsh directional light into a soft light that can be mounted onto either a light stand or a camera bracket. It comes complete with Ezybox 15” x 15”, speedring and flash shoe bracket.


The Ezybox Hotshoe expands in the same way any Lastolite product will do. Simply tuck the metal speedring into the back of the softbox and attach the flash gun! The Ezybox (38cm x 38cm), speedring and multi adjustable flash shoe bracket all come supplied in a small Lastolite bag! Perfect for the photographer on the go.

It is ideal for the Canon’s Speedlite 580EX or Nikon’s Speedlite SB-800 users, who require a quick and portable lighting solution.


– Compact
– Up and working in less than one minute!
– Very low light loss, only half a stop!
– Colour balanced

Source: JP Distribution Press Release

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