iSyndica – a Comprehensive Software for Stock Photography

For those new to stock photography, or even the experienced, selling your photography on stock agencies may be a daunting exercise: several sites to choose from: Shutterstock, Fotolia, Veer and iStockphoto to name the largest, files that take hours to upload, and keeping track of your sales is just a recipe for headaches.

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iSyndica, an online digital distribution platform for microstock portfolio, is the remedy. With over 30 agencies supported, the site provides you with a robust list of the top sites on which you can sell your best digital images. Follow the links from their channel list, sign up for an account with Fotolia or Shutterstock and you’re set. Their tagline states: Upload Once, Sell Everywhere. iSyndica, lets you manage your photo portfolio online making it available 24/7 wherever you have internet. You can decide which sites to submit your images to and it will do the distribution. The better part comes when you start making money and can centrally track all your sales and downloads, either on the site or through an easy to use Firefox plug-in.

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There are many software products out there touting to handle keywords and raw files among other things. A quick review will make it apparent that what you pay for is essentially a trimmed down iPhoto or Adobe Lightroom. When it comes down to it, iSyndica truly improves on the most time consuming task: uploading your portfolio. Turning something that takes anywhere from 4 to 12 hours in just a couple minutes.

We’ve found it easy to use and the fact that it’s online is a big PLUS: no software to install or update, and you can work on your files from home, at work or vacation.

Finally, doubling as a backup solution for those scared to see their shots lost in a laptop crash, makes iSyndica the ultimate stock photography software. We’ve compared their storage pricing to others like SmugMug and Photoshelter. Verdict: don’t think twice. It’s better. Go sign up for iSyndica now.

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    this application is a must-have for every stock photographer! Really awesome program.

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