IPEVO CSFU-01IP Kaleido R7 Wireless Photo Frame

IPEVO CSFU-01IP Kaleido R7 Wireless Photo Frame is a a 7” Wi-Fi enabled digital photo frame features 512MB internal memory, memory card reader for easy viewing, 800 x 480 high-resolution picture display, Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Brightness: 350 cd/m2, Contrast Ratio: 400:1, and built-in USB port. This digital photo frame also supports MS, MMC, SD, and SDHC memory cards, and USB Thumb Drives; Plays JPEG files. The Digital Photo Frame measures 19.8 x 17.0 x 7.5 cm and weight 3.1 pounds.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

IPEVO CSFU-01IP Kaleido R7 Wireless Photo Frame User Reviews

great product
“I’m an architect and I use this frame in my studio for slideshow display of my design work portfolio. The super crisp screen shows high quality images, and the look and feel is high end, exquisite and polished. Never thought anyone would come up with the design of a digital photo frame that actually looks and works professionally. highly recommended.” – By C. Ching
Rating: ★★★★★

This frame is fabulous
“The quality of the display is infinitely better, and the frame’s styling is, in our opinon, the best in the business. We’ve loaded a Picasa album with hundreds of our favorite pictures, set the time per slide at 10 seconds, and have found ourselves watching, spellbound, as the photos wirelessly cycle through. Even though I’m not the brightest when it comes to technology, I found setup to be relatively easy, and had everything up and running within an hour.” – By Woody
Rating: ★★★★★

One of the better picture frames
“There is a sea of picture frames out there and this is one of the better ones…Not only does it look cool but it has very good resolution for its size. It wireless capability and remote were pluses for me that I really wanted. Did I mention it works great with Mac? Some frames don’t…” – By Christopher J. Dean
Rating: ★★★★☆

Expert Reviews

IPEVO CSFU-01IP Kaleido R7 Wireless Photo Frame Expert Reviews

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IPEVO CSFU-01IP Kaleido R7 Wireless Photo Frame User Manual (PDF)

– Download IPEVO CSFU-01IP Kaleido R7 Wireless Photo Frame User Manual (PDF – 1.74MB)

Features & Specifications

IPEVO CSFU-01IP Kaleido R7 Wireless Photo Frame Features & Specifications

The Kaleido R7 is a digital photo frame that will grace any modern home. It goes far beyond other digital photo frames with so many uses and valuable features that it has created a class of its own.

Of course, this unique digital photo frame will let you enjoy and share your images with ease. It can also stream photos from websites and news from RSS feeds. And, it can act like a second display to your computer opening up a world of possibilities both at home and in the office.

Striking Looks and Quality
What really sets the Kaleido R7 apart is its sleek asymetrical design and its crisp high-resolution display. Whether your home is contemporary, traditional or classical the Kaleido R7 will grace it with sophistication, displaying your precious images at their best without overpowering them. Its proportions and details are immaculate as evidenced by the many accolades from reviewers around the world. PC World said it was “beautifully designed” and Uncrate said its design was “drool-worthy.”

The Kaleido R7’s design offers unique functionality too. Its rotating screen can display images in landscape or portrait mode. And the included EyeStage™ software provides incredible flexibility, allowing you to choose how images are scaled and rotated to the screen’s orientation.

The controls are integrated into the base with buttons that are both perfectly laid out and light to the touch. And the remote control easily lets you take charge of your display from across your room or study.

Easy Sync
The convenience of wireless connectivity and the EyeStage™ software means you’ll never have to fuss with wires or even data cards to update the libraries on your Kaleido R7 digital photo frame. Built-in wireless capability allows you to securely connect to any Mac or PC on the same network with ease.

You can even stream images from your computer to the Kaleido R7 increasing its capacity far beyond the built-in memory. In fact, updating the images on your Kaleido R7 can be as easy as adding photos to your computer.

Easy share
We’ve also used the wireless connection to your computer to allow you to display images from photo sharing websites. So you can stream a slideshow of your friend’s trip to Asia when he drops by. Or be linked to your sister’s latest pictures of her kids.

It’s easy to create live streaming slideshows from web libraries with the EyeStage™ software from your computer. Just set up “live” channels with the web address for the libraries you want to share and go.

More than pretty pictures
Some people use the Kaleido R7 like an additional display for their computer. It can be easily configured to display news, weather, blogs, sports or anything with an RSS feed. From your living room or office you can simply switch channels to view weather information or current news, then flip right back to displaying photos.

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