Everyone..Meet MonsterPod, a tripod without legs which will stick to 1,000 objects and counting. It’s really good for situations where you don’t have a stable place for a tripod.


The secret is in its patent pending “viscoelastic morphing polymer base” molds, grips and sticks to metal, wood, plastic, veneer, marble, Formica, cement, block, steel, brick, glass, tile, enamel, sheet rock, rocks and trees. The MonsterPod will support nearly all compact digital cameras. Nearly 90% of all compact digital cameras manufactured today weigh less than 10 oz. (300 grams) and can be supported.

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ePhotozine reviews the MonsterPod and writes;
“After using the product on a variety of different surfaces including trees, cars, walls, and lamp posts, I found that it did actually stick to anything I wanted to stick it to, but did become rather grubby after one or two uses and, consequently, needed cleaning…An interesting idea, and while Monster Pod may be useful in some situations, (for instance on self-timer mode), I can’t see it replacing the traditional tripod just yet.”

ImagingResource’s sneak peek at MonsterPod at PMA2006

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