Interview about Nikon D200 has just recently published an interesting interview with Carlos Ormazabal, Professional Product Manager of Nikon’s Spanish importer Finicon. One of the interview questions was discussing Nikon’s decision on choosing CCD for their Nikon D200 instead of CMOS, which Nikon has used it for the D2x.


The D200 incorporates a CCD, but the D2X, the most professional of the make, uses a CMOS.

I would like this question to be completely clear. That I prefer the CCD doesn’t mean that the CMOS is bad, such as diesel isn’t bad just because I prefer petrol. It’s a question of personal preference.

The latest CMOS, those of Nikon and other makes, are very good. But it is certain that there are differences. Specifically, in certain contexts there are users that really like CMOS more, and vice versa.

At certain resolutions it’s very difficult for cameras to have determined features. The D2X offers the same speed as the D200 with 2 megapixels more and 8 frames per second with the crop function. All this is only possible with CMOS, and the image quality, right now, cannot be questioned. It is, so much as to say, a question of taste, not quality.

That it is, the D200 is the first camera on the market that with a CCD of this resolution can take 5 photos per second. Then we have the D2H, which with a sensor similar to CMOS and with 4 megapixels takes 8 frames per second. There aren’t good or bad sensors; there are different applications.

In spite of this, we have always defended that, forced to choose, the CCD gives a little bit more than the CMOS. “

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