Inspiration and How You Go About Shooting

I have many photog friends who will just say to me, “I am going out shooting today”. I find that I can’t just do that. Go out with nothing in particular in mind. When I have tried, I usually shoot nothing or crap. On the other hand, I will all of a sudden have an idea and go for it. (I do alot of still life for stock and this weighs in to that a lot) When that happens, I usually get shots although, I would say that if I shoot 40 photos, I probably only use 2.

Inspiration and How You Go About Shooting
Girl in Spring by Ann (profile)

How do other people find inspiration? Do you start with an idea? Do you just go in search of anything that might strike you? I find that I usually start with an idea and usually one that is a challenge for me. For instance shopping. I then might go out and decide to work on shooting shop windows-dealing with glare, composition etc…Or I start with an emotion. I recently did “a feeling of being alone”.

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