INOi HD182-20 20GB

INOi HD182-20 20GB is a Photo HardDisk features High-capacity 20GB hard drive to quickly save images on the spot; High speed USB 2.0 interface; Direct copy from flash media to internal HDD without a PC; Flash Memory Cards Supported: CompactFlash Card type I, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick Pro, SD Memory Card, MMC, RS-MMC, miniSD, Microdrive, CF Card type II, Memory Stick Duo. The produt dimension (H x D x W) 3.9 x 0.8 x 2.5 in. and weighs 5.1 oz.


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User Opinions

INOi HD182-20 20GB User Opinions

INOI Photo Harddisk HD182 review, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“this is a very practical photo backup drive. It is very small, and self-contained, plus you can replace the battery if you are on a long trip when recharging the battery is not an option. Granted, the 20 gb hard disk is not much in today’s standard, but I think you can replace it too (I haven’t tried.) It is perfect for travelers to back up photo memory cards, but if you like to back up computer files too, you have to make sure none of the files are corrupted.” – By cmunerd

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Features & Specifications

INOi HD182-20 20GB Features

The PHOTO HARDDISK is the perfect companion for digital photographers as well as mobile computer users. You can easily use this product to back up the most popular type and high-resolution of digital camera flash media.

If you fill up your flash card with pictures and would like to keep shooting. No worry. Just transfer the entire contents of your flash media card to the PHOTO HARDDISK with on one press of a button. Your photos are now safely stored on the internal 1.8″ hard disk, allowing you to erase your flash card so you can take more pictures.

Also, the PHOTO HARDDISK can be used with any PC or MAC computer for additional mobile storage of your data files. All your computer need is a USB port. Just plug in the unit and you can quickly upload files to your computer or download to your PHOTO HARDDISK. What’s best is that you don’t even need external power. The PHOTO HARDDISK gets all of its power from your computer, making it a truly mobile device.

* Direct copy from flash media to internal HDD without a PC
* Smallest form factor on the market: less than 0.8″ thick and weight only 5.1 oz.
* Rugged design with dust cover for I/O ports
* Delayed power button to prevent accidental ON
* Auto-OFF to conserve battery power
* Battery charged via USB bus power or external power supply
* High speed USB 2.0 interface
* Battery charging mode setting to maximize operation or battery life
* Bus powered external HDD and card reader for PC and Mac
* Stylish design with 7-color LED status display
* User changeable startup screen
* Intuitive user interface with multiple language support
* Reliable backup for digital photos and personal data

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