Induro Carbonflex 8x CX114

Induro Carbonflex 8x CX114 uses advanced “Carbon 8X” carbon fiber material for its leg construction and ideal for use with Point & Shoot and SLR camera. The tripod features Multi-Angle Positionable Center Column, Non-Rotating Leg Sections, Reversible Center Column, Adjustable Angle Leg Locks, Built-in Bubble Level, Closed Cell Foam Grip, Tubular Center Column, Dust and Moisture Resistant Rubber Grip Leg Locks, Interchangeable Rubber Feet and Stainless Steel Spikes, Reversible Tripod Head Mounting Screw, Weight Hook, and Tripod Head Set Screws. The Induro Carbonflex 8x CX114 has maximum height of 58.2″ (147.8 cm), maximum height (with center column down) 50.9″ (129.2 cm), minimum height 15.4″ (39.0 cm), Folded Length 20.2″ (51.3 cm), Load Capacity 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg), and weighs 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Check Availability

User Opinions

Induro Carbonflex 8x CX114 User Reviews

Returned and Reordered
“I received this item and it was missing a leg so I had to return it. I am not knocking the tripod, or the company but the first was the older syle. I needed the tripod so I reordered a more recent model and it is amazing! Light and easy to work. Very happy with this tripod. I have a Manfrotto monopod, but if I were to do it over, I would buy a Induro Corbonflex because of the weight and quality. More money, but after you spend the money you have to live with the product and this product will last a life time and one I am very happy with.” – By Georgia Embrechts
Rating: ★★★★★

amazing professional tripod – one defect
“While I have only used this tripod briefly, I am very pleased with it after carrying it around and using it all weekend to capture some long exposure shots in beautiful Rothenburg (odT). It is definitely a “huge” step up from my several cheap plastic $20 tripods. This feels much sturdier in every degree of motion and just locks “solid” like a professional tripod should – except for one case mentioned below… I love the twist grip locks for the legs! This is so quick and perfect for use in cold weather with gloves on – all it takes is 1/2 a turn! I also really appreciate the flexibility to move the legs around independently – as well as the center column – there is just so much versatility! Add on a ballhead and you can get any shot you want at any angle.” – By Brian Wiese
Rating: ★★★★☆

Very satisfied
“I have this tripod for 9 months and have been very pleased with the quality so far. In answer to several reviews that I have read here, I have to tell you that the leg locking system is fine if you don’t over tighten the legs. A half turn is all you need. I also have an Induro monopod and overtightened the locking mechanism. If you do they will always slip out of place. I am lucky to live 10 minutes from their headquarters in Elmsford, NY. I took the monopod there and they changed the gaskets in ten minutes and explained that only a little pressure is all that is needed to lock the legs. I have not had any trouble with the tripod legs, same system, and have found the tripod to be sturdy and versatile because of the horizontal bar, which can be useful under certain conditions… I have it and the new bag is perfect! Tripod and ballhead fit quite comfortably, so I’m a happy camper. I can’t tell you if they are sending the new bag with the tripod now, but it is available, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Overall, I am very happy with this tripod and can recommend it highly.” – By gabriel saland
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Induro Carbonflex 8x CX114 Expert Reviews

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Induro Carbonflex 8x CX114 User Manual

– Download Induro Carbonflex 8x CX114 User Manual (PDF – 2.9Mb)

Features & Specifications

Induro Carbonflex 8x CX114 Features & Specifications

The Induro CX114 Carbonflex 8X CX-Series Tripod Legs is a professional-level carbon fiber tripod that features an innovative center column design. In a rapid and easy motion, the center column can be converted from a standard vertical column to a horizontal cross bar, with angle adjustment flexibility. In the horizontal position, a mounted camera can have a clear view without the tripod legs getting in the way. This makes it especially ideal for nature, flat art, close-up micro photography. The column can also be used upside down and reversed.

CX-series tripods uses 8-layer, 2nd generation carbon fiber technology for its leg construction. This 8x tubing is 60% stronger overall than conventional carbon fiber tripods. This is achieved by using more fibers and less epoxy in the manufacturing blend.

Induro CX-series tripods also feature individual leg angle adjustments, a reversible center column with spring loaded weight hook, foam leg grip, anti dust and moisture rubber leg lock grips, reversible 1/4-20 to 3/8″ mounting threads, a bubble level, and mounting set screws. They also come supplied with a padded carrying bag.

* Multi-Angle Positionable Center Column, provides the most versatile camera positioning.
* Non-Rotating Leg Sections, offer quick and easy setup.
* Reversible Center Column, allows low angle shooting.
* Adjustable Angle Leg Locks, accommodate uneven surfaces and awkward shooting situations.
* Built-in Bubble Level, allows adjustment to prevent uneven pans and tripod head movements.
* Closed Cell Foam Grip, provides comfortable handling during cold or hot outdoor conditions.
* Tubular Center Column, prevents unwanted column rotation.
* Dust and Moisture Resistant Rubber Grip Leg Locks, ensure a positive lock in any condition.
* Interchangeable Rubber Feet and Stainless Steel Spikes, provide the right contact on any surface or terrain.
* Reversible Tripod Head Mounting Screw, assures compatibility with virtually any tripod head.
* Weight Hook, allows additional weight mounting stability during windy conditions.
* Tripod Head Set Screws, add mounting security for tripod heads.

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