Induro Alloy 6M A314

Induro Alloy 6M A314 is Aluminum tripod that ideal for use with Medium format camera and SLR with Long Telephoto Lens. The tripod features Grooved Center Column, Reversible Center Column, Built-in Bubble Level, Closed Cell Foam Grip, Non-Rotating Leg Sections, Reversible Tripod Head Mounting Screw, Spring Loaded Weight Hook, and Tripod Head Set Screws. The Induro Alloy 6M A314 has maximum height of 67.9″ (172.5 cm), maximum height (with center column down) 61.4″ (155.9 cm), minimum height 13.8″ (34.9 cm), Folded Length 22.9″ (58.1 cm), Load Capacity 22 lbs (10 kg), and weighs 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

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Induro Alloy 6M A314 User Reviews

An excellent tripod at any price
“My Velbon carbon fiber tripod was beginning to show its age. The leg clamps would easily come loose, and it was well-worn in spots. Additionally, I had originally purchased it to use with a Canon 5D, but I’d subsequently purchased a 1Ds II and didn’t feel the Velbon could carry the added weight of the 1-Series plus long lens. I felt some movement when the 1Ds II was mounted, especially with the legs fully extended.

Searching around, I discovered the Induro A314, and I’m glad I did. Rock-solid to the point where I’m noticing sharper images from both of my cameras! It’s a little heavier than my Velbon, but it’s not TOO heavy. I really find it hard to believe that I got this kind of quality and stability for less than $200. I think it will last for many, many years.” – By Stephen
Rating: ★★★★★

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Induro Alloy 6M A314 User Manual

– Download Induro Alloy 6M A314 User Manual (PDF – 2.9Mb)

Features & Specifications

Induro Alloy 6M A314 Features & Specifications

The Induro A314 Alloy 6M A-Series Tripod Legs is a sturdy tripod made of extruded 6000 series aluminum with a wall thickness of 1.5mm. It comes fully-featured and is precisely machined to offer the quality and strength demanded by professional photographers.

Induro A-series tripods feature individual leg angle adjustments, a reversible center column with spring loaded weight hook, foam leg grips, anti dust and moisture rubber leg lock grips, reversible 1/4-20 to 3/8″ mounting threads, a bubble level, and mounting set screws. They also come supplied with a padded carrying bag.

* Grooved Center Column, prevents unwanted column rotation.
* Reversible Center Column, allows low angle shooting, Adjustable Angle Leg Locks.
* Built-in Bubble Level, allows adjustment to prevent uneven pans and tripod head movements.
* Closed Cell Foam Grip, provides comfortable handling during cold or hot outdoor conditions.
* Non-Rotating Leg Sections, offer quick and easy setup, Dust and Moisture Resistant Rubber Grip Leg Locks.
* Reversible Tripod Head Mounting Screw, assures compatibility with virtually any tripod head.
* Spring Loaded Weight Hook, allows additional weight mounting stability during windy conditions.
* Tripod Head Set Screws, add mounting security for tripod heads.

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