Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for Olympus E620

Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for Olympus E620 features Depth Rating 200′ (60m); External Strobe Connector; TTL Compatible with Ikelite DS strobes. The Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for Olympus E620 measures 9.5 x 6.75 x 6.5″ (241.3 x 171.45 x 165.1mm) and weighs 8 lbs (3628.7g).

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Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for Olympus E620 User Manual

– Download Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for Olympus E620 User Manual (PDF – 764kb)

Features & Specifications

Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for Olympus E620 Features & Specifications

This heavy-duty housing is contoured to the camera, durable, and completely corrosion free. The crystal clear polycarbonate case offers a clear view of the main o-ring seal, port o-ring seal, camera controls, and dry inside. Mechanical controls are The housing is fully functional to a depth rating of 200 feet (60m). The housing is only slightly negative in salt water depending on choice of lens port.

Controls are provided through the housing for every camera function except the optical eyepiece diopter and kept water-tight with Ikelite pioneered Quad-Ring seal glands—proven to be the most reliable method of sealing controls. A large zoom control knob can be comfortably reached without removing your hand from the handle. A handy control lever allows the AEL/AFL pushbutton to be activated comfortably using your thumb.

A full range of optical grade dome and flat ports accommodate most macro, wide angle and zoom lenses. The standard port line offers compact and affordable options without sacrificing image quality. The modular port system offers maximum versatility and performance with interchangeable 8″ dome and flat port assemblies. Port attachment is quick and easy with a simple locking system and the port o-ring seal is clearly viewed through the housing. Lens ports sold separately.

The Super-Eye magnifier comes standard and offers enhanced visibility of the camera’s viewfinder while wearing a diving mask. The camera’s large LCD screen can be clearly viewed through the back of the housing. The live preview feature of the Olympus E-30 is accessible for framing your photos using the camera’s LCD screen. A lever control for the function “Fn” button provides convenient use of the camera’s live preview or its chosen custom setting.

Release handles with comfortable rubber grips allow for easy attachment and removal of mounting arms at the touch of a button. Two screws remove the handle and tray assembly for traveling.

We feel that TTL exposure is so important in underwater photography that we include TTL conversion circuitry in every Ikelite digital SLR housing. The TTL conversion circuitry in the housing works perfectly with all current model Ikelite DS Substrobes.

Exposure can be adjusted directly through the back of the housing using two pushbuttons. Settings are clearly indicated even at night by a series of LED lights. The TTL mode provides four half f/stop increments over or under flash compensation to fine-tune exposure. Eight manual power settings in half-stop increments allow for complete creative control.

Ikelite DS series Substrobes are industry favorites for their warm, even coverage and lightning fast recycle time. We recommend convenient and affordable strobe with sync cord packages that provide everything you need to take advantage of “automatic” TTL exposure.

Use the #4103.52 dual sync cord to connect two DS Substrobes to your system. All current model Ikelite strobes are fully compatible with this housing. Older DS substrobes may require circuitry updates.

Non-Ikelite strobes can be used, but they cannot provide eTTL exposure or be adjusted manually through the housing. Special sync cords are available to connect non-Ikelite strobes from Nikonos, Inon, and Sea & Sea.

The optional #9571.3 features a 1″ (2.5cm) ball for attachment to the top of the release handle. This provides a mounting point for Ultralight, TLC, and other non-Ikelite arm systems.

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