iCorrect EditLab Pro 5.0

PictoColor has aanounced the release of iCorrect Editlab Pro 5.0 color correction and color editing software for photoshop users.

icorrect editlab
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The new version features advanced automatic black and white conversion and automatic sepia tone for sophisticated artistic effects. In addition, iCorrect EditLab Pro 5.0 now includes sharpening and noise removal technology for enhanced image quality and productivity. Version 5.0 builds on iCorrect EditLab Pro’s tradition of fast and easy color correction and color editing by offering sophisticated, yet easy to use black and white conversion and toning tools for adding an additional level of expression to an image.

As photographers continue to rediscover the timeless beauty of black and white photography, iCorrect EditLab Pro 5.0 will help them turn everyday shots into stunning fine art images.

Black and White Conversion and Toning
One of iCorrect EditLab Pro 5.0’s advantages over other programs is its ability to preserve rather than discard the valuable color information during the conversion process. This makes it possible to easily “bring back” certain colors on a hue-selective basis for amazing effects. Coupled with its advanced toning controls, iCorrect EditLab Pro 5.0 gives the photographer an enormous amount of creative flexibility.

Sharpening and Noise Removal
For the first time, iCorrect EditLab Pro 5.0 includes two image processing tools that go beyond color – sharpening and noise removal. iCorrect EditLab Pro can now apply sharpening and channel-independent noise removal in combination with color correction. Since applying a color correction typically makes any noise even more noticeable, performing both functions simultaneously offers a great advantage. Combining sharpening and noise removal with color correction further enhances digital workflow productivity by eliminating the need for additional steps or other tools.

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