HP Photosmart R927 – Review @ CNET

CNET have recently posted a review of HP Photosmart R927, an 8-megapixels point-and-shoot digital camera equipped with 3x optical zoom and 3 inch LCD screen.


Image quality is not what we’d expect for a camera in its price range. To its credit, the R927 makes excellent exposure decisions, and colors are warm and bright. The lens show little to no vignetting, but we see severe purple and green fringing around specular highlights as well as high-contrast edges such as white lettering on dark signs or just about anything with the bright sky in the background. Noise levels are not bad. At ISO 100, there is very little noise, aside from some discolored pixels in darker colors. At ISO 200 and ISO 400, noise is more noticeable but still acceptable..”

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