HP Photosmart R837

* 7.2-megapixels for beautiful prints and enlargements up to poster size.
* Zoom in for dramatic, close-up shots, using 24x total zoom – 3x internal optical zoom lens, 8x digital.
* Big, 7.6cm (3-inch) image display for framing and viewing photos and menus – indoors or out.
* First HP digital camera to offer HP touch-up for the removal of blemishes.
* HP steady photo anti-shake feature helps to prevent blurred photos in lower light accounting for hand shake and moving subjects.
* Enjoy quick photo organisation for easy sharing – simply tag your photos using in-camera menus.
* Take photos using 32MB internal memory, or expand the camera’s memory using an optional SD memory card(2) and never miss a shot.
* High-quality VGA video with audio shoots at 24 frames per second.
* On-camera menu to easily order and share photos on Snapfish(3) using HP Photosmart Express.
* Features a slim design to fit easily in a pocket or purse.
* Microsoft Windows Vista™ ready.

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