HP Photosmart R727 – Review @ DCRP

DCRP’s Jeff Keller has recently posted a review of HP Photosmart R727, an 8-megapixels point-and-shoot digital camera equipped with 3x optical zoom and 3 inch LCD screen.


“Photo quality is the Photosmart R727’s weak spot — and it shouldn’t be. While the camera took well-exposed photos with saturated colors, everything is too noisy. Details are smudged, subjects are soft, and the sky is blotchy, even at ISO 100 (the lowest setting available). Purple fringing was also above average. While the Photosmart R727 has a very useful set of features, its photo quality lags behind the competition. If you’re only printing 4 x 6’s then maybe it’s worth a look, but otherwise you’ll get better photos (but fewer bells & whistles) from other cameras.”

>> HP Photosmart R727 Lates Price

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